Join us for Show&Tell at SketchKon and share your story!

Show&Tell will feature stories told live from our community. Tell us about your creative journeys, life-changing moments, big adventures, lessons learned, or anything else you feel like sharing with our creative community at SketchKon. The program is inspired by the Pecha Kucha format which means 20 images (via PowerPoint slides) are presented for 20 seconds each for a total presentation length of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Sketchbook Skool is currently accepting entries for presentations which should include:

  • Personal information and contact.
  • Brief speaker bio (150 words or less).
  • Topic summary (300 words or less) plus up to 5 supporting images.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Please send materials to by Friday, August 24. Selections will be announced Friday, August 31.

Need some tips for creating your presentation?

  • Check out these examples of similar presentations at
  • Tell a story. The best presentations are often good stories instead of just a bunch of facts or portfolio pieces strung together. Take the audience on a journey (albeit a short one) that has an intro, development, and conclusion. Think about how your story will combine with the images you’ve chosen to solidify your message and give the audience a rich experience. Be sure to share with the audience why your presentation topic is important to you and why they should care about it too.
  • Decide what is most the important thing you want your audience to remember. If the audience could remember just one thing from your presentation, what would you want that to be? Once you figure that out, your talking points and images will revolve around that theme.
  • Insert high-res images and limit your text on slides to a simple caption if that. No bullet points or text-heavy slides please! Best practice is to fill the screen unless using space for emphasis.
  • Avoid writing out a script for your narration. Write a simple outline for yourself for the big ideas of each slide. The best situation is when you know your topic so well that you don’t even need an outline.
  • Don’t cram too much into your presentation. Even though these 20x20 presentations are always exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds (20 images, 20 seconds each), presenters often try to cram too much information into that short window and then have to talk rapidly to fit everything in. Less is more. Carefully edit out anything that isn’t vital to some aspect of your piece.
  • Practice your masterpiece repeatedly until you get it just right. If you are new to presenting, use the narration the tool/rehearse timings in PowerPoint. The general word count is dependent upon your own pacing, but no more than 60 words per slide is a good start. Practice with your spouse, your kids, or your neighbor. You can also practice your presentation with fellow SBS presenters in Google Hangouts organized by the SBS team. Stay tuned for details!

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