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Free Lesson: Art Bootcamp Overview

Watch the video above and learn about how to prepare—and what you’ll learn—during our new Art Bootcamp course. Click the image below to sign up!

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Mixed Media Journaling art class

Mixed Media Journaling: Homework Week 4: Letting Go

We only just got started. We’ve reached the end of the last week in the Mixed Media Journaling course. As with many of our courses: it went by too fast! And these weeks were only the beginning. It’s been a blast taking this course as a student, and I am so happy I’ve been keeping […]

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Mixed Media Journaling sketch work

Mixed Media Journaling: Homework Week 2: Sticking Together

While I am still trying to digest the many things I am learning from Mary Beth’s week in the Mixed Media Journaling course, we just wrapped up Seth’s week. Seth’s approach is so great: just start without much of an idea where it’ll go and let it happen. It’s kind of my approach to drawing […]

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Mixed Media Journaling artwork

Mixed Media Journaling: Homework Week 1: What a Mess!

Written by Koosje Koene This week, along with many other students, I started the Mixed Media Journaling course. I am really excited about this because it’s a completely different art form than what I am used to making. The videos in class are so inspiring, and I love seeing the colorful, juicy, textural pages our […]

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be an ipad artist student artwork

Course Recap: Students Reflect on “Be an iPad Artist”

Students are making their way through Be an iPad Artist and whether they’re just getting started, or sharing their final homework assignments, we are blown away by the art that they are creating! From working with layers and masks, to adding all sorts of textures and even animating their drawings, students explored the ins and […]

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people drawing people sketch

New Kourse News: People Drawing People

Wish you could draw people with confidence and skill? We’ll teach you how in our new kourse, People Drawing People! Join us for this 5-week, 7-artist kourse and you’ll have great fun learning essential skills. Each week, multiple artists will share their perspectives on a different aspect of drawing people. In nearly 50 narrated, step-by-step […]

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the making of watercolor rules

Behind The Scenes: The Making of Watercolor Rules! And How to Break Them

Our newest kourse, Watercolor Rules! and how to break them, starts on September 17th! The kourse features over 100 videos, step-by-step demonstrations of principles and techniques, how-to’s about picking paints, mixing colors, and using every type of paper, brush and accessory. It also features amazing teachers, and Koosje combined some of her Behind the Scenes […]

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watercolor rules banner

New Kourse News: Watercolor Rules! and how to break them

Intimidated by watercolor? Don’t be! Our in-depth new kourse, Watercolor Rules! — and how to break them will teach you all the basics and then take you way beyond. We’ve assembled the best watercolor artists we could find to take you step-by-step through the techniques, tools and tips they use in their sketchbooks. In nearly […]

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war up exercise sketch

Fakulty Chat: Warm Up Exercises from Lapin

Featured art by Lapin Welcome to a new week of klasses in our Urban Sketching kourse! This week’s teacher is Lapin, an illustrator famous for his fish eye-lens views of cars and people. To get you warmed up for the klass, we have some exercises from Lapin for you. Back when Lapin was teaching a […]

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burban sketching

Drawing On Location: ‘Burban Sketching

We’ve been talking about Urban Sketching, the art of sketching on location, because we’re getting ready to start an exciting kourse, Urban Sketching. But a member of the Sketchbook Skool community had a good question: What if you’re not in an urban area, and you live in the suburbs, where everything tends to look similar? […]

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