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buying art supplies guide

How to Buy Art Supplies

It’s tempting to think that if we want to make art, we should, of course, begin by shopping. Full of zest, vim and vigor, we resolve to really get in the creative mode and, tail wagging, we prance off to the art supply store. We browse through walls of pens, shelves of sketchbooks, and bins […]

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Shaving cream adds texture to different wet mediums.

10 New Ways to Add Texture to Your Drawings

Use basic supplies and household items to add interest to your sketchbook. Just add texture. It not only makes your sketchbook more visually interesting, it’s a great way to experiment and try something new. Great artwork comes from looking at something in a new way.  But you don’t need specialized tools or art supplies to […]

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pens sketch vs pencil sketch

Art Supply Debate: Pens vs. Pencils

Stop erasing and get a lot more done The basic pen vs. the pencil — it’s an age old art supply debate in the creative community. Which is the best for an artist just starting to draw or looking to improve? In so many cases, pens and pencils can be used together to make a […]

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one art supply that an artist should have

The One Art Supply Every Artist Needs

Hint: You don’t need much to be creative. Get back to basics with the basic art supplies every artist needs. I know a lot of artists and, no matter their skill level, we all have one thing in common: we hoard art supplies. Visiting an art supply shop (or e-commerce site) is like being a […]

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Sailor Fountain Pen with Fude Nib

Art Candy: Sailor Fountain Pen with Fude Nib

The Sailor Profit Fude de Mannen Calligraphy fountain pen kind of looks like an ordinary plastic fountain pen. Sailor Fountain Pen Review When you screw the cap off, there’s the hidden secret: the nib, doesn’t have a normal point, but is angled at 55°. It looks like it was dropped and fell right on the […]

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best art supplies from art faculty

We Heart Art Supplies

Sometimes we can’t decide which we love more: art, or fresh tools for making art. For anyone who loves sketching and watercoloring, there’s almost nothing better than walking into the art supply store. The smell of paper waiting to be drawn on, the rows and rows of pens tempting us to test them, the palettes […]

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travel watercolor palette

The Perfect Travel Watercolor Palette

Here’s a fun problem: You’re going on a trip, whether just for the day or for a long holiday vacation, and you’re trying to figure out which of your art supplies to bring (after all, you do have to make room for some clothes). We got advice from an expert on the perfect travel watercolor […]

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fountain pens

The Best Fountain Pens For Sketching

As a follow up to one of our recent Q&Art videos on choosing the right ink, let’s discuss the important implement that channels the ink from our hands to the page; the fountain pen. Fountain pens are interesting to work with for many reasons. The feel of a fountain pen in your hand can add […]

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