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A radio interview with Danny Gregory

A radio interview with Danny Gregory “Why you can’t draw” and much

Student Spotlight: Cassandra Epalle

This week, we meet Cassandra Epalle, an American who has been living in France with her family for the past 25 years. Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself! What are your interests? A: I signed up for the very first Sketchbook Skool course and I was one of

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Mixed Media Journaling: Homework Week 4: Letting Go

We only just got started. We’ve reached the end of the last week in the Mixed Media Journaling course. As with many of our courses: it went by too fast! And these weeks were only the beginning. It’s been a blast taking this course as a student, and I am

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Student Spotlight: Emma Cavill

In this week’s spotlight, we meet Emma Cavill, a student who lives and creates art in the beautiful rural town of Somerset, England. Q: Emma, give us a day in your life! Where are you from? When do you create? A: I live on a dairy farm in rural Somerset,

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How To Pick Your Next Course:

Tips for making the most of our big 40% off sale Having a hard time figuring out which course to take? There are so many great Sketchbook Skool courses to choose from. Here’s a guide to help to make it easier to take full advantage of our biggest sale ever

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A Drawing A Day: December 2019 Drawing Word Prompt List

Here are your December prompts for A Drawing A Day! How has the year been? Have you drawn EVERY day? Have you had a few months of great practice, and a few months of not keeping it up? Regardless of how it’s been so far, let’s resolve (a whole month

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Mixed Media Journaling: Homework Week 2: Sticking Together

While I am still trying to digest the many things I am learning from Mary Beth’s week in the Mixed Media Journaling course, we just wrapped up Seth’s week. Seth’s approach is so great: just start without much of an idea where it’ll go and let it happen. It’s kind

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