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Danny Gregory

A radio interview with Danny Gregory

A radio interview with Danny Gregory “Why you can’t draw” and much more Danny had great fun yesterday talking to Paula Granquist for her show “ArtZany” on KYMN in Minnesota. They discussed why people think they can’t draw, how to get started making art, his books, Sketchbook Skool and loads more. Click here to listen […]

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Andrea Joseph

Interview: Andrea Joseph – For The Love Of It

Check out JJ Gregory’s chat with Andrea Joseph about ballpoint pens (of course!), new ways to challenge yourself, and how she’s found even more things to love during the process of creating art. Q: Doodle was my nickname for my Dad when I was growing up so I am especially and personally fond of the […]

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Twingley's Accidents

Interview: Twingley’s Accidents

JJ Gregory chatted with Jonathan Twingley about happy accidents, the importance of being present, and the popularity of sketchbooking during this digital age. Q: I’ve just finished watching your Sketchbook Skool klass again and it is so full of pearls of wisdom that I hardly know where to start! One of my absolute favorite things […]

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Jill Weber santa claus drawing

Interview: Talking Naughty and Nice with Jill Weber

JJ Gregory caught up with Jill Weber to talk about handmade Christmas cards, naughty art supplies, and cocktails! What better way to feel naughty AND nice this holiday season. Q: Let’s talk about the theme of naughty or nice… You’ve been especially nice to share a bunch of your personal holiday cards with us for […]

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Prashant Miranda nature sketch

Interview: Prashant Miranda Reflects on Settling Down in Nature

JJ Gregory talked with Prashant in Pasadena, CA on the final day of SketchKon. After years of being a travelling artist, Prash is set to settle down in the Pacific Northwest. They began by talking about the community experience of SketchKon…. Q:You have so many friends and you’ve built communities in a lot of different […]

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Salli Swindell sketch work

Interview: Salli Swindell wants to teach you tricks to make Halloween card treats

Q: You’re an award winning greeting card designer who has designed thousands of cards. Clearly you love mail! In a world where technology increasingly rules our lives, what can the simple act of sharing a greeting card make one feel? A: Nowadays when you receive a REAL card in the mail it’s like a present. […]

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Austin Kleon steal like an artist

Art for All: Interview with Best-selling Author: Austin Kleon

This week Danny Gregory interviewed best-selling author Austin Kleon on the creative process. Austin is one of our favorite writers and thinkers about the creative process. He is a poet, a collage artist, a blogger, an author, a diarist, and a writer who draws. Mentioned in this episode: -Our new kourse, Watercolor Rules! and how […]

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the history of sketchbook skool

Interview: The History of Sketchbook Skool

I learned about Sketchbook Skool from my mother who is a student, and I did as much research as I could in the months that followed about the teachers and the skool. Yet there were still things I didn’t know. In honor of the skool’s 4th anniversary (it was April 4th!), I asked the founders, […]

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Nina Johansson portrait

Fakulty Sketch Interview: Nina Johansson

When you’re on vacation in a new place—or just being a tourist in your own town—skip the camera and try urban sketching. One look at the amazing drawings by Nina Johansson, this week’s teacher in our Urban Sketching kourse, will inspire you to give it a try! Nina is known all over the world for […]

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Felix Scheinberger watercolor sketch

Fakulty Interview: Felix Scheinberger

Students in our kourse are currently having an amazing time. We know this because their teacher this week is Felix Scheinberger, the art professor who gave this now-famous 3-minute tutorial on professional watercolor techniques. Here, Felix talks about the romance of watercolors, how bad he is at math, and his new book, Dare to Sketch. […]

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