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Recent love

Helen Leigh-Phippard

“SBS has turned me from someone with a desperate desire to draw but no confidence into someone who has to draw in order to feel alive.”

Georgina Cahill

“The excellent classes and teachers have inspired me and taught me new skills, and the other students are some of the most encouraging people I have ever met (even if I only know them online!).”

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Andrea England
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Catherine Arthurs
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Christopher Noxon
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Barbara Parker

All the love

Ellen Glass

Sketchbook Skool changed my life. The classes are full of excellent demonstrations and information, the teachers are inspiring, and I have improved my skills along with my confidence. But the COMMUNITY is powerful magic! I am making more – and better – art, and my world has grown several sizes larger.

Joan Wright

Sketchbook Skool is perfect for every learning style. The instructors are industry heavyweights. The material challenges without intimidation. Interaction with instructors and the community can be dialed as high or low as you wish. Excellent resource. Excellent curricula. Excellent! Tremendous value for money.

Jan Fougere

Two years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to fill at least one sketchbook. Several weeks later, I discovered SBS. I filled not one, but ten sketchbooks that year. Sketching is now a daily part of my routine — all because of the classes and community support I received through SBS.

Mindy Pines

The best part of SBS is the philosophy behind its courses. SBS doesn’t subscribe to a particular way to do anything, but encourages us to honor and bring out our unique styles. Courses are not paint-by-numbers. Different artists show how they do their work, leaving you to pick, choose, and alter what works for you.

Ken Parkinson

I am a busy professional. I love sketching because it gives me a creative release. Sketchbook Skool took me from zero to where I now dare call myself an artist. I’ve tried other courses, but Sketchbook Skool is the best.

John Sutherland

Unlike local art classes, Sketchbook Skool has really helped to drive me forwards in my creative endeavors. Each subsequent SBS class seems to have had a multiplier effect on what I’ve already done! I am now contemplating making life and lifestyle changes so that ‘art’ becomes my main occupation.