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doing your thing

Art for All: Doing Your Thing

In this episode, Danny explores dozens of examples of creative people either being limited or exploding the labels that define them. We hope it inspires you to make some changes and take some risks of your own. 

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the 7 deadly sins of creativity

Podcast 12: The 7 Deadly Sins of Creativity

Envy, wrath, pride, greed, lust, gluttony and sloth. Are you guilty? This week host Danny Gregory explores the ways we sabotage our own creativity and work.

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Austin Kleon steal like an artist

Art for All: Interview with Best-selling Author: Austin Kleon

This week Danny Gregory interviewed best-selling author Austin Kleon on the creative process. Austin is one of our favorite writers and thinkers about the creative process. He is a poet, a collage artist, a blogger, an author, a diarist, and a writer who draws. Mentioned in this episode: -Our new kourse, Watercolor Rules! and how […]

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let's get rid of art education

Art for all: Let’s Get Rid of Art Education – A Modest Proposal

In this episode, host Danny Gregory suggests that we make a radical change to the way we teach our children. It’s provocative — and meant to be so. What do you think?! 

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call yourself an artist

Art for All: Call Yourself An Artist

Did you know we had a podcast?! In episode 06 of our weekly Sketchbook Skool podcast, art for all, Danny explores the problem of coming out of the art supply closet to let the world know that you call yourself an “artist.” It’s a big step for a lot of us and Danny admits he’s […]

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the seasons of creation

Art for All: The Seasons of Creation

This episode of our podcast, *art for all*, is all about the creative process. Danny Gregory explains how the brain recovers from a burst of productivity, the value of inspiration, how to tackle a giant project, coping with setbacks, and more.

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The 12 Best Art Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Are you a podcast addict? Many of us on the Sketchbook Skool staff love to plug into podcasts while we work and make art. Here are some of our favorite creativity podcasts: The Best Art Podcasts in 2020 Michael Nobbs’ One Thing Today. Room in the Trees. The Creative Superheroes podcast. Your Creative Push. Art […]

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man listening to his favorite podcast

Art on the Airwaves: Our Community’s Favorite Podcasts

Last week, we featured a list of tunes and sounds that our community members love to draw to. Amidst all of the bands, songwriters, and soundscapes suggested, only a few people mentioned audiobooks or podcasts. Maybe you’re on the train to work or wandering the aisles of the grocery store and you find yourself wishing […]

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