Our mission is to unleash your creativity.

You are an artist.

About Sketchbook Skool

Rather than an online art school, Sketchbook Skool is a creative studio that fosters the artist in you.

We’ll teach you drawing techniques, and you’ll become a better drawer. Moreover, we’ll also encourage you to break the rules and just make art rather than waiting for inspiration.

Our Founders

Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene

We’re Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene. We’re artists and the founders of Sketchbook Skool.

When we started Sketchbook Skool in 2014, we wanted to rethink how art courses are taught. To make them more fun, approachable, and part of your daily life. Therefore, beyond just teaching techniques, we want to help you build creative habits that stick. Moreover, this approach has inspired thousands of new and experienced artists and they have joined us to support and encourage each other.

No matter what your job or background, you can make art. We can help. Come and draw with us.

What we believe.

You can be an artist.
We don’t believe in “talent.”
Anyone can make art if they choose to learn and build the habit.
By putting pen to paper, we’re all artists.

Drawing is seeing.
Drawing isn’t just a skill; it’s a point of view. Therefore, learning to see like an artist changes how you perceive the world, and that shift can be life-changing.

Creation takes motivation.
It’s a lot easier to start and maintain the art habit with a little help from your friends. Moreover, we’re a community of artists positively supporting artists.

Play is powerful.
There are so many benefits of drawing, but it’s also just fun. So, we prioritize playing and having fun as we learn the habit of creating art.