art courses
didn't work
for me...

So I reinvented them.

I could never get through online art courses.

They were boring and crudely made. I could never figure out which one to take. And I just couldn’t stick with them.

Why couldn’t an art course be like a great TV series — that I could watch with friends?

So I did it my way.

I collaborated with my favorite sketchbook artists right in their studios. I hired professional film crews. And I built a community of artists so we could all work together to keep motivated.

I did it for me. But it’ll work for you.

What would
you like
to learn

Start here if you’re a beginner

What would you like to learn today?

Can’t draw a straight line? This special on-demand course was created just for you!

Seeing is the key to drawing. How does seeing affect us as artists? How can we see better?

Let’s get ready to make art! A perfect course for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills. 

Learn about sketchbook art

Tips tools, techniques and inspiration. Have you started to draw but don’t know what to do next? This is the course for you.

Unlock your creativity. Mixed media journaling is a powerful and joyful way to express yourself through art-making!

Wouldn’t you like to sit down, open your sketchbook, and be able to draw everything around you, wherever you are? Welcome to urban sketching — drawing on location.

Learn to master techniques

We all want to draw people. There’s no subject more fascinating or more challenging. Therefore, this course brings together seven very different artists to show you how to confidently draw anyone.

Intimidated by watercolor? Don’t be! Start by learning all the basics of watercolors, foundations you can build on for years to come. Then let’s break the rules and get creative!

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids and coloring books. They’re a powerful medium for sophisticated, expressive art making — once you know how to use them. 

Got an iPad but just don’t really know what to do with it? This course is for you. If you’ve played with digital drawing tools but got overwhelmed by options, get ready for an inspiring and entertaining month-long journey of discovery.

Make expressive organic art with dip pen drawing and hand lettering techniques. 
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to craft your own style with lettering and drawing, and gain understanding and control with the materials.


We have 20+ live classes each week, at varying times from 7am-7pm U.S. Pacific Time. 

A few examples: Drawing FUNdamentals at 1pm PT on Tuesdays| Watercolor Wednesdays on Wednesdays at 11am PT| Nature Journaling at 9am PT on Fridays | Night Owls at 8pm PT on Weekends. In-depth special events take place on Saturdays at 9am PT, each month. Pick and choose what works for you!

You can pay by the month and cancel any time. Just email us at [email protected]

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Hundreds of members tell us Spark is worth every penny. Try it yourself for free for 14 days and see if you agree!

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