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How to Draw Without Talent

How to Draw Without Talent

One Week, with Danny Gregory
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Learn how to draw anything you want—even if you can’t draw a straight line.

If you think you need talent to draw, you’re in the right place; this special 1-week workshop was created just for you. In 26 fun video lessons, you’ll learn the most important basic techniques that will allow you to draw anything, and draw it well.

Kourse instructor Danny Gregory has taught thousands of people to overcome the “talent myth” and start drawing. “Learning to draw is like learning to drive a car,” says Danny. “You just need a few basics and a bit of practice.” Danny makes the learning clear and the practice fun in this kourse, the first of its kind from Sketchbook Skool. Start drawing like you’ve always wanted to! We’ll show you how — no “talent” required.

Here’s what you get: * 26 beautiful video lessons * Fun assignments you can download * Lessons on the basic building blocks of drawing * Access to a big, supportive community of people just like you

and much more!

Materials used in this kourse: a pen, paper


Kourse price is $29 plus VAT charges where applicable.

Fakulty Art from How to Draw Without Talent:

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