Drawing With a Brush: With Chris Koehler

Saturday, February 13, 9am PST

Doors close Friday, Feb 12 at 5:00pm PST

Drawing With a Brush



Draw with incredible detail and precision. But not with a pencil...with a brush!

Drawing with a brush may seem difficult — but once you know some basics, you can get amazingly expressive detail with the right tools and techniques. That’s why so many top illustrators rely on brush and ink. Come learn how in this workshop for beginners and pros alike.

Award-winning illustrator Chris Koehler is an expert at his craft — and he’ll share ink fundamentals, how to create fluid lines, and using brush pens to create intricate art.

Step-by-step, you’ll work through a variety of techniques from linework to shading and ink wash, making a polished work of art as you learn skills that can transform your art.

Gain confidence to draw with a brush, and use ink as a primary or complementary medium in your sketchbook!

LIVE with Q&A and 24/7 access to the recording. Plan ahead, find a comfy spot, and join us - approximate run time is 3 hours. Requires web browser and reliable internet access.

Live workshop: February 13th at 9am-12pm PST
Check your timezone.

Feedback Session: February 14th, 9-10:30am PST
Share work to get feedback & overcome obstacles.

Doors close 2/12/21 at 5:00pm PST


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Topics included

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Properties of Ink & Brush

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Brush Form & Grip

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Strokes & Linework

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Inkwash & Wet Media

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Advanced Shading

Instructor Art

About the Instructor

Chris Koehler

Chris is an award-winning illustrator and Pentel artist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Popular Science, Marvel, and more. He's taught in the Illustration and MFA in Comics Programs at California College of the Arts and UC Berkeley, and you’ll most often find him hunched over a sketchbook at his favorite San Francisco coffee shop.

Drawing With a Brush
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