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Ballpoint Birds with Gigi Chen

Ballpoint Birds

with Gigi Chen

July 18, 12-2:00pm EDT

Get ready to make people do a double take: “I don’t understand how that’s made with a ballpoint pen!”

Fine artist Gigi Chen is an expert at drawing birds and she’s going to show you how she makes voluminous feathers, piercing eyes, and features with a simple ballpoint pen. Not just for taking notes, this workshop will show you the magical things you can do with a $1 tool.

Work together to practice ballpoint technique, make marks, and increase your range. You’ll then apply what you’ve learned by drawing two birds from reference photos. 

Start by drawing in black ink, then reinforce your skills by drawing a bluejay in blue and black ink. You’ll see the incredible dimension that a secondary color adds. It’s like a multiplying effect.

The result is stunning, realistic drawings using a simple tool that you can carry with you at all times. Get ready to use what you learn in lots of ways after the workshop!

Starting at $69

Opt into the bonus group feedback session, live with Gigi Chen and Danny Gregory on Sunday, July 19th. View at checkout.

Requires web browser and reliable internet access
Doors close 7/15/2020 at 11:59pm EDT

In this live-streamed workshop, you’ll work alongside Gigi as she breaks down her masterful ballpoint pen technique. We’ll pause to discuss the process and answer all your questions. 

Includes demonstrations, instruction, live Q&A with Danny and Gigi throughout, chat, and lifetime access to the recording. 

Workshop Topics Include: 

  • How to use ballpoint pens for intricate drawings
  • How to draw realistic birds
  • How to use color to multiply dimension
  • Mark making and variation 

Basic Supplies You’ll Need: 

  • Black ballpoint pen, blue ballpoint pen, white gel pen
  • White or light-toned paper
  • Pencil & eraser

Bonus Group Feedback Session:

  • Join for more detailed, live instructor guidance to improve your work
  • Gigi will choose several student pieces to review, discussing common difficulties
  • Your work may be reviewed (but it’s not guaranteed)
  • Live on Sunday, July 19th at 12pm EDT

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