Paint the Town Grey! Urban Sketching in Tones

with Ian Fennelly 

June 27, 12-2:00pm ET


Here’s a chance to revolutionize your urban sketching and your drawing — all in one delightful afternoon! Watercolor Rules instructor Ian Fennelly is back to show you how he creates depth and realism in his masterful, whimsical urban sketches. The key is learning to render tone. By reducing the scene to shades of grey, Ian will show you how to add volume, dimension, space — and story. We’ll draw a charming Italian village (photo reference provided) and capture the texture of white-washed walls, ancient doorways, hanging plants and cobblestones. With a range of grey brush markers and fineliners, you’ll build up the scene and then add layers of evocative detail.

Starting at $69

Now Available: Opt into the bonus group feedback session, live with Ian Fennelly and Danny Gregory on Sunday, June 28th. View at checkout.

Requires web browser and reliable internet access Doors close 6/24/2020 at 11:59pm EDT

In this live-streamed workshop, you’ll work alongside Ian, step-by-step, as he breaks down the complex scenes in layers. We’ll pause to discuss the process and answer all your questions. This urban sketching workshop includes demos, instruction, live Q&A with Danny and Ian throughout, chat, and lifetime access to the recording.

Topics Include:

  • How to create a realistic cityscape
  • How to compose a complex scene
  • How to work from a photo reference when urban sketching
  • Build tone and feeling using various grey brush pens and fineliners
  • Adding detail to create a narrative
  • How Ian uses his materials and why

Basic Supplies: 

  • Quality A3 drawing paper 
  • Grey-toned brush pens and black fine liners

Bonus Group Feedback Session:

  • Join for more detailed, live instructor guidance to improve your work
  • Ian will choose several student pieces to review, discussing common difficulties 
  • Your work may be reviewed (but it’s not guaranteed)
  • Live on Sunday, June 28th from 12pm-1:30pm EDT

Workshop Instructor

Ian Fennelly


Ian Fennelly