Crosshatch portrait Workshops-France

Crosshatched Portraits Intensive with France Van Stone

June 6, 12-2:00pm ET



Make an art date and learn to draw realistic crosshatched portraits in this live-streamed workshop. You’ll make hair, skin, and eyes come alive on the page! Join illustrator and author France Van Stone as she teaches the crosshatched technique of master draughtsmen like Michelangelo. Using pencil, you’ll make a dramatic portrait by layering crosshatched lines.This is your time to learn something new. It’s in-depth, detailed, but accessible for those with intermediate drawing experience.

You’ll start with preliminary drawing exercises to loosen up, then work alongside France and other students to draw a portrait from the same photo. Use France’s crosshatch technique to transform your portraits and make realistic drawings of just about anything.Workshop includes crosshatch demonstrations, instruction, live Q&A, chat, and lifetime access to the recording.

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All New: Opt into the bonus group feedback session with France Van Stone on Sunday, June 7th. Available at checkout.

Requires web browser and reliable internet access Doors close 6/3/2020 at 11:59pm ET

Topics Include:

  • How to loosen up before starting a pencil portrait
  • Building a portrait from scratch using crosshatch techniques
  • Establishing quick proportions when starting a portrait
  • Using crosshatched lines to convey roundness and detail
  • Inspiration from the master himself, Michelangelo

Basic Supplies: 

  • Quality drawing paper like Bond or a Moleskine sketchbook
  • Pencils, including HB, 2B, and an eraser

Bonus Group Feedback Session:

  • Join the all new bonus session for more detailed instructor feedback
  • Get specific guidance to improve your work and what you made
  • France will choose several student pieces to review, discussing common difficulties
  • Your work may be reviewed, but it’s not guaranteed
  • Live on Sunday, June 7th at 12pm ET

Workshop Instructor

France Van Stone