Make a leap of progress in just one weekend

Our most interactive art programming ever.

Make a leap of progress in just one weekend

Workshops and feedback sessions are designed to be experienced live.

You won’t just listen and practice. You’ll participate, share, and get help in real-time — then you’ll have a recorded version you can access again and again for even deeper insights.

Feedback sessions take your learning to the next-level, with guidance directly from your workshop instructors!

These aren’t individual critiques — they’re better.

Many students face the same obstacles, and it’s amazingly useful to learn from their work as well as get feedback on your own.

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About Workshops & Feedback Sessions

  • Interactive demos and instruction on anything from ballpoint pen techniques to color theory to using gouache paints. Dive deep into a subject and change your art in one afternoon. 
  • Led by an expert artist instructor and Danny Gregory, you’ll get questions answered live and lifetime access to the recorded workshop.
  • Apply what you learn and go further in the feedback session.  Your instructor will share more tips and solutions based on common challenges. Students tell us they learn twice as much! 
  • Keep the conversation going with other students and share what you learned in the private community for workshop students

Yes, workshops are hosted live with Danny and your workshop instructor. Certain parts of workshops are filmed in advance to provide the highest quality experience. All questions are answered live.

Workshops are designed for artists at all levels, but they can move quickly. If you get stuck, it’s ok to just listen and watch! There’s no wrong way to experience a workshop and you should take it at your own pace.  You can always revisit learnings in the recorded workshop.

Feedback sessions tend to focus on problems and obstacles. Many students face the same obstacles and it’s great to learn from their struggle as well as get feedback on your own.

  • Not just cheerleading. Supportive and critical review.
  • No unsolicited critique. Share what you’d like feedback on.
  • No negativity. Focus on improvement and helpful insight.
  • Don’t want to submit work, but still want to watch learn? No problem. Many students say sessions are even better when they just listen.

We share examples and challenges from the group, not individual critiques. The group format works even better — you’re learning from everyone’s experience and challenges, not just your own. After the workshop, you’ll receive clear instructions on how and when to submit work to meet the requirements for feedback. Your work may be reviewed, but it’s not guaranteed. 

No, it must be purchased separately. While questions are answered live during the workshop, feedback sessions are even more intimate, interactive experiences with your instructor. It’s the most advanced thing we’ve done at Sketchbook Skool.

Although workshops and feedback sessions are designed to be taken live, everyone who signs up also gets access to the recording for viewing on your own schedule, no matter your timezone. But it really is best live so you can interact with instructors.