Ballpoint Birds with Gigi Chen

Saturday, October 24, 9-11am PDT

Doors close Thursday, Oct 22 at 11:59pm PDT

Ballpoint Birds with Gigi Chen



Go from a blank page to two works of art in just two hours!

Learn alongside Gigi Chen as she shows you how to draw realistic, detailed ballpoint birds in an encore presentation of this sold-out workshop.

Gigi is a fine artist and an expert in using the humble ballpoint pen to create stunning works of art. Step-by-step, she’s going to show you how to capture voluminous feathers, piercing eyes, and all the small details that make your birds come alive on the page.

You’ll start with fundamental ballpoint pen techniques to increase your range, then apply what you’ve learned and draw from reference photos. Start in black ink, then add blue and see the incredible dimension that a secondary color adds. It’s like a multiplying effect!

You’ll end the workshop with two stunning, realistic drawings and a range of techniques that you can apply when drawing just about anything.

This is a live workshop with Q&A throughout the presentation and access to the recording for one full year.

Live workshop: Saturday, October 24, 9-11am PDT

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Features Danny Gregory & Gigi Chen.

Feedback Session: October 25, 9-10:30 am PDT

Join the bonus session to share your work & overcome obstacles, $50

Doors close 10/22/2020 at 11:59pm PDT


ballpoint fundamentals 3

Topics included

Step-by-step drawing techniques 2

Step-by-step drawing techniques

How to draw realistic birds 2

How to draw realistic birds

ballpoint fundamentals 2

Ballpoint pen fundamentals

Long Necked (Blue with Red Eyes)__

Using color to multiply dimension

Mark making and variation 2

Mark making and variation

Sample Artwork

About the Instructor

Gigi Chen


Gigi is an animator and painter who explores love, craft, and fun through her art. She honors the techniques of Old Masters while infusing a sense of whimsy and lots of light in her drawings and paintings. She employs classic techniques in creating and sharing other-worldly stories through her art and encourages others to push traditional techniques into the realm of fantastic storytelling.

Student Artwork

Ballpoint Birds with Gigi Chen
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Ballpoint Birds with Gigi Chen