What Our Students Are Saying:

Hear what some of our students have to say about their experience with Sketchbook Skool:

“I have wanted to ‘be an artist’ my whole life, but never had the confidence or ability to do it seriously. Sketchbook Skool has been an enormous awakening for me.”
– Carolyn Egerszegi

Ingrid Vermeer

Anja Kieboom

“[Sketchbook Skool] has given me the freedom to create in my own spirited energy and hang out with other creative artists and see how they work. All of that gets me creating.”
– Darlene Campbell

Gail Murray

Ann Sinarski

“I wanted to draw every day. I wanted to draw my life. Thank you for the best six weeks. Ever. I can’t wait for the next semester.”
– Carol Lee Beckx

Ashley Aliko

Benjie Marasigan

“Since this art community is so much more encouraging than formal art classes I’ve encountered, I’m ready to try and overcome my fears of the blank page.”
– Melissa Hutson

Patrick Wohlmut

Helen LP

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