You don’t have to be a “serious” artist. 

Or have any talent. Even if you haven’t drawn in years, or feel stuck in a creative rut.
Together we can change that.

Soon you’ll have an art habit and won’t be able to stop drawing and painting! We’ll have so much fun along the way!

Spark is the program designed to get you back to making art.

Let’s get your creative spark burning bright again. We can do it, thanks to a program that members call “the best investment I’ve ever made in my career and myself.”
Spark is an interactive online program that will:

I'm Danny Gregory

and for two decades, I’ve been writing books and teaching people how to get back to making art, no matter what their back-ground, no matter what their skill level, no matter what amount of time they are able to commit.
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So, what’s inside Spark?

A daily schedule of creative challenges, art projects, coaching, studio visits and discussion! Interact with small groups of fellow artists in live, guided Zoom events. Some of this month’s events include:

1,000+ art lessons at a fraction of full price!

Get full access to the Sketchbook Skool library, including our best courses, plus new releases.
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Sketchbook Skool classes aren’t just about learning materials and techniques.

They’re the equivalent of spending the day one-on-one, hanging out with an artist in the studio. You hear stories and experiences. You learn about their development and their challenges. We talk about our favorite tools. We take sketchbooks off the shelf and go through them page by page. And we draw and paint and write together.

Students tell us that Sketchbook Skool courses are unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. We aren’t afraid to give you a variety of perspectives, so you can find your own. We don’t just share tips and tricks.

Our aim is to help you think like an artist.

Our library is always growing. Each month, we add even more great content. More lessons, more workshops, more artists, more inspiration to keep you going!

"Sketchbook Skool opened my eyes to a daily habit. The community of artists that it has brought together is a wellspring of creative energy that I can’t help but want to be a part of.”

— Jason Heitz, Littleton, CO

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Membership in the Skool Yard

You’ll join our private social network just for members of Spark to gather and share.

Weekly creative projects

Let’s go! Each week, I’ll send you something fun to explore as well as my curated picks from the Course Library.Then we’ll meet up to work on the project together, live and in person (over Zoom!).

Monthly magazine

Let’s go! Each week, I’ll send you something fun to explore as well as my curated picks from the Course Library.Then we’ll meet up to work on the project together, live and in person (over Zoom!).

Spark can change your life.

This rich, immersive experience will have you making art like never before.

No matter what your skill level or your schedule, you will blossom as an artist. You will finally get to live the creative life you’ve dreamed of for so long.

You’ll get together with wonderful creative people just like you. You’ll draw together. You’ll talk about art, you’ll share inspiration and motivation. You can draw with us every day or work at your own schedule.
Spark is a way to get you started and keep you going.

All you need is some basic art supplies, a computer, and a Spark membership. Members tell me they’ve never made so much art in their lives! They’ve discovered themselves as artists and having more fun than they thought was possible.

You can learn to make beautiful art. All you need is a little guidance, a little motivation.

And I'm going to give you both with Spark.

Pick your Spark program:


$325 /month

For you if you need a big change. Think of it as having a personal guide as you transform in a matter of weeks.

1:1 coaching from Danny

Live events every day

Free access to premium workshops

All access to the course library


$130 /month

For you if you want to make more art. Live events keep you accountable in becoming the artist you want to be.

1:1 coaching from Danny

Live events every day

Free access to premium workshops

All access to the course library


$70 /month

For you if you want to be a productive artist, but want to learn more techniques to use in your sketchbook.

1:1 coaching from Danny

Live events every day

Free access to premium workshops

All access to the course library

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I know, first-hand, how art can change your life.

Any price tag that you put on a fulfilling, creative, happy life is a bargain.

But, just in case money is an obstacle…

Or if you don’t think this will work for you…

I’ll take all the risk so that you don’t have to.
Join me for free for your first month.

In thirty days, let me know if you are falling in love with art and if you feel the pieces of your life finally slipping into the right place — and we can continue on our amazing adventure.

If not, we’ll part ways as friends, with no obligation


“Sketchbook Skool is not intimidating for shy drawers. The instructors deliver quality, generous lessons and personal insights that inspire me when I need it most. It’s a place where I can work to improve technically and feel I belong.” — Kathleen Kline,Vancouver, Canada

“I didn’t think I could ever draw. But after taking a beginner course at Sketchbook Skool, I was proven wrong: I could draw! And it was tons of fun. Two years and several courses later, my drawing is (almost) a daily habit” — Kym Silvasy-Neale, Melbourne, FL
“Unlike local art classes, Sketchbook Skool has really helped to drive me forwards in my creative endeavors. Each subsequent class seems to have had a multiplier effect on what I’ve already done! I am now contemplating making life and lifestyle changes so that ‘art’ becomes my main occupation.”John Sutherland, Inverness, UK

  “The best part of SketchBook Skool is the philosophy behind its courses. SBS doesn’t subscribe to a particular way to do anything, but encourages us to honor and bring out our unique styles. Courses are not paint-by-numbers. Different artists show how they do their work, leaving you to pick, choose, and alter what works for you.”Mindy Pines
“After years of doing very little to feed the creative side of my life, I discovered Sketchbook Skool. It was (and still is) exactly what I needed to get excited about drawing, painting, and thinking creatively again. Not a day goes by that I’m not connected to SBS in some way. It has added a spark to my life like nothing else could.”Debbie Shealy, Bucyrus,OH

“I found myself increasingly wanting to make art but didn’t know where to begin after a gap of over 35 years. I’d just started drawing again so I decided to take a course and jumped in with Be an iPad Artist. I’m now also doing Mixed Media Journaling. I love both and feel at 59 that I’m on a new adventure, all thanks to SBS!”Marion
“In my late 50s, I discovered I COULD draw, in spite of negative comments from a junior high art teacher.  And I found out I wasn’t alone in that…sadly, many had the same story.  Now I try to respond to all those friends who say “I can’t do art, I don’t have ‘talent’ like you do” with “Oh, Yes, You Can!”Trudi

  “Sketchbook Skool helped me get over my fear of being judged. It helped me take a deep breath and just do it.”Susan Macleod, Hallifax, Canada

  “Sketchbook Skool was a revelation. The variety of materials and approaches showed me that there is no one way to make art –it’s about finding what works for me. I’ve taken ideas from each instructor and gained skill and confidence with every assignment. And I’m part of a wonderful community.”Corrine McNamara, Pasadena, CA

“I’ve tried sketching so many times but became impatient and unhappy with my end result. SketchBook Skool gave me great tools and more importantly, great advice.”Jacqueline Meyers, Toronto, Canada
“I am a busy professional. I love sketching because it gives me a creative release. Sketchbook Skool took me from zero to where I now dare call myself an artist. I’ve tried other courses, but Sketchbook Skool is the best.”Ken Parkinson, Provo, UT