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to make art?

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The Sketchbook Skool Membership Program

Join hundreds of people just like you who are committing to their art every day.
Get inspired and encouraged.
Overcome the obstacles that have held you back.
Get back to making art!

From total beginners to professional artists, Spark members are a special community of people making more and better art than they’ve ever dreamt they could. And having great fun doing it!

“Spark has been pure delight, and I’ve never made so much art in a month! I took the leap…now drawing everyday. Tons of ideas on my art table beckoning for my time and attention.” 

Alex L., USA

Here's all you get when you become a Spark member:

1. Live Daily Classes

Join a great art class any time you want!

We present live, online art classes everyday.
  • Drawing
  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media
  • Cartooning
  • Urban Sketching
  • Journaling
  • Creativity
    ... and more!

    More than 20 live classes every week!
  • Daily live classes offered in Spark

    Ask questions. Get help. Live!

    Our live classes are small by design, encouraging you to make art and share in a safe environment. You can show your work on camera and get immediate feedback from our instructors. Get supportive encouragement from your fellow artists.

    2. Class Recording Library

    Hundreds of recordings available on demand.

    And we record our live classes so you can watch them, anytime!
    Dive into our growing library of hundreds of hours of recordings.

    3. Live Special Events

    Join in-depth weekend events taught live by our best instructors.

    Go deep!
    Learn new skills and media every month.
    Portraits, watercolor, drawing, lettering, and more!

    4. Our Course Library

    Our top Courses are yours!

  • Seeing
  • How To Draw Without Talent
  • Art Bootcamp
  • Urban Sketching
  • People Drawing People
  • Watercolor Rules and how to break them
  • Illustration Nation

    Access 1000+ videos taught by dozens of the world's top sketchbook artists.
  • 5. Private Artist Network

    Join the SkoolYard, a private social network just for artists like you.

    Join a network of 10,000+ welcoming artists of all levels.
    Share your art.
    Discuss classwork.
    Ask questions.
    Make friends from around the world.
    And so much more!

    “Spark and Sketchbook Skool have become an essential part of my life. I’m always so amazed at how much you offer and the variety of sessions” 

    Mitzi B., USA

    Try Spark for 14 Days for Free

    Try Spark for 14 days for free!

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    $139 /month

    Daily live classes (20+ hours each week)

    Monthly special event ($79 value)

    Top Sketchbook Skool courses ($600+ value)

    SkoolYard membership

    *Monthly subscription members program. Cancel anytime.

    *Returning Spark members, click here

    *Returning Spark members, click here.

    Make the most of Spark
    followed by a transparent payment process


    Your credit card will be charged for your 90-days of Spark at checkout.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    Don’t feel like Spark is the right choice? Use the 30-day money back guarantee option via Sketchbook Skool’s customer service. No questions asked.

    Start of Monthly Charges

    After the 90-days are over, your credit card will be charged monthly for your membership. 


    Your credit card will be charged for your 90-days of Spark at checkout.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    Don’t feel like Spark is the right choice? Use the 30-day money back guarantee option via Sketchbook Skool’s customer service. No questions asked.

    Start of Monthly Charges

    After the 90-days are over, your credit card will be charged monthly for your membership. 

    Live Classes

    You get all these and lots more in Spark!

    The Course Library

    You get all these and lots more in Spark!

    Live the creative life you've always wanted!

    No matter your level, your location, or your schedule, Spark will change your life. Hear what one of our own has to say.


    We have 20+ live classes each week, at varying times from 7am-7pm U.S. Pacific Time. 

    A few examples: Drawing FUNdamentals at 1pm PT on Tuesdays| Watercolor Wednesdays on Wednesdays at 11am PT| Nature Journaling at 9am PT on Fridays | Night Owls at 8pm PT on Weekends. In-depth special events take place on Saturdays at 9am PT, each month. Pick and choose what works for you!

    You can pay by the month and cancel any time. Just email us at [email protected]

    With access to 20+ hours of live classes every week, in-depth workshops, our library of 100s of hours of on-demand live class recordings, and our seven top courses we sell, Spark is a unique and incredible value. You get a free seat at all of our Spark Special Live Events and Workshops.   These perks remain yours as long as you retain your Spark membership.  

    Hundreds of members tell us Spark is worth every penny. Try it yourself for free for 14 days and see if you agree!

    We introduce new class recordings to our library every week. Is there a topic you
    really want to learn about? Tell us!

    As a member, you get a free seat to Special Events and new Workshops and access to their recordings for 90-days. Then we give you the option to purchase the Workshops at a greatly reduced price if you want the recording to be part of your SBS Library forever. This rate is only available to Spark members!

    If you’ve ever taken an online course or joined a Zoom video call, you have the tech skills to succeed in Spark! And your personal Spark host will help you, one-on-one, to get set up and find your way around. 

    Try Spark for 14-Days