By our founder, Danny Gregory

Do you struggle with calling yourself “an artist” and denying your own creativity, as if you needed permission to create?

Did you abandon and neglect your creative side — maybe back in high-school! — and would love to see it come back to life and flourish once again?

Have you tried taking art lessons recently, but they left you feeling inept or frustrated or bored or guilty?

That’s about to change.

Read on and you’ll discover how to kindle a spark inside you once more, thanks to a program that others have called “the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or experienced, haven’t made art in decades, or are already too busy to take on something else…

Once you join me in what I’m about to show you, I promise you’ll have major breakthroughs in your journey as an artist. Even if you don’t think you’re an artist at all.

How do I know?

Because, after years of making art, writing best-selling art books, and teaching thousands of other artists from 6 to 90….

I’m going to give you access to all of it.

And I mean, all of it.

Now, in case we haven’t met before, I’m Danny Gregory.

And, if you look at my “portfolio” and all I’ve done, you might say, sure, I’m one of the lucky ones, born with special talent, “a natural…”

But, let me tell you: I’m not.

I’m no different than you.

In fact, I’ve been pretty unlucky. LIFE has taken me to some very dark and scary places, and dealt me some pretty devastating blows…

And, my only way of making sense of it all was… through art.

Wonky, wobbly, authentic art — with a lowercase “a.”

It has changed and enriched my life. And it can do the same for you.


If you have a hole in your heart that needs filling…

If you have a wound that needs healing…

Or, if you’ve had it all right, and still wonder “how can I experience life more fully?”

Let me tell you:

art is the way.

I’ve been drawing for more than twenty years, but I don’t sell my art in galleries…

Instead, I have something a million times more valuable:

I have a habit that has brought deep and constant happiness in my life.

Ultimately, that’s why I created Sketchbook Skool; to share this amazing experience with others, guide them, and walk with them on their journey.

Now… this is where it gets exciting for YOU!

You see, over the years, I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of amazing artists to film over a thousand lessons in how to draw, paint and create. Courses that have helped 50,000 artists — beginners, experienced, “rusty,” busy — get more joy out of their hobby, their profession, their passion, and out of their life in general.

And now, you can find out how to get…

24/7 access to the FULL course library.

I mean our whole library of courses…

More than 1,000 lessons!

From Mixed Media Journaling to Urban Sketching to Colored Pencils, you’ll get access to all our best courses, plus new releases…

And for a fraction of the cost!

Not only that, but you’ll get special content never seen before to encourage and inspire your creative habit. Prompts, curated recommendations, even a monthly multimedia magazine.

And access to a private social network just for members of Spark to gather and share.

And most revolutionary of all, you’ll join live online sessions where artists from around the world get together to learn and create together. Several times a week, live, video meetups you can access anywhere.

There’s lots more to tell you about below. Lots! including one-one on coaching to take you step-by-step to exactly where you’ve always dreamt of going creatively.

So what is this exactly, and how will it work?

It’s called SPARK!

And it is a membership program — or rather THE membership program — for artists.

It has different plans, each designed to match the level of needs and commitment that you may have, and that meets you where you’re at in your creative journey.

It doesn’t replace our courses. Everything will still be available for purchase individually for non-members.

But Spark is intended to accelerate your growth as an artist, and keep you motivated and challenged as you progress. Day after day, month after month.

"I joined for access to courses, but Spark is a whole world of online events and support. I'm able to call myself an artist rather than just some guy who happens to draw."

Ken Harris, Milwaukee, WI

Zoom Sessions


$70 /month

Want to develop as a productive artist, but need help to make it happen?

Spark Discovery gives you access to courses and so much more:

Unlimited access to 1,000+ art lessons

The full library of courses! Go deeper into drawing people, watercoloring, digital art, and more. There's a lesson for just about anything you want to learn, taught by 50+ inspiring artist instructors. And membership means you don't just watch videos, you reinforce what you learn...

Curated lessons & member content

You’ll have access to a members-only monthly magazine, edited by me and my artist friends. Each issue is designed to help you work through the course library, with exclusive videos, tips, and new creative content.

15% off LIVE workshops.

Our popular, interactive events: make a leap of progress in just one weekend! From watercolors to mixed media, each workshop features a different artist and technique. Get a major discount, only for members.

Weekly Art Before Breakfast prompts.

Every Monday, I'll share my best advice for building and cementing creative habits. The prompt will get your creative juices flowing and make sure you pick up your pen throughout the week.

Membership in the SkoolYard

Imagine thousands of other artists who started out just like you, who began in bootcamp and now are drawing and painting every day, all over the planet. Welcome to the social network just for artists.

$130 /month

Do you need the wisdom of other artists to help you get to the next level?

Spark Breakthrough is like having a personal trainer for your artist brain.

…here you’ll have…

Everything in Discovery, plus:

30% off LIVE workshops.

Our popular, interactive events: make a leap of progress in just one weekend! From watercolors to mixed media, each workshop features a different artist and technique. Get a major discount, only for members.

Draw With Us, live sessions.

Let's make an art date twice each month. We'll start with some warm up exercises, then you'll use the time to work on a personal project alongside fellow artists. Set aside the time and amaze yourself!

Live art parties, led by an instructor

One of our amazing instructors will walk you through a project and you'll make progress live with your other members. We keep these sessions joyful, it's all about playing with art!

Live Show & Talk feedback sessions

Great artists talk to each other regularly. In these sessions, you'll get feedback in a structured, supportive environment. Share your work and gain insights that take your work further!

Access to the PRIVATE SkoolYard Group

Get support, share your work with artists who get it, and cheer each other on. This is the space just for members inside the SkoolYard. Think of it as your community inside the community.


On-Demand Courses

$325 /month

*Only 10 slots available*

This is a personal thing for me – it’s about transformation….

Think of it as having a personal trainer for your art, to make a big change in a matter of weeks.

Everything in Breakthrough, plus:

Expert-led Creative Goals session

To make a big change, you first need to set out ambitious goals...then stay accountable to achieving them. You'll surprise yourself. These sessions are led by art therapist David Elliot in a small group format.

Personal coaching with Danny

This is one-on-one, just you and me. We get 30 minutes each month to talk about your art. From habits to techniques to favorite artists, I’m here to support your creativity and help move you forward.

FREE access to all live workshops

Workshops help you make a leap of progress in just one weekend, and they're fuel for your own creative goals! Pick up new techniques, learn from great teachers, and transform as an artist. You can attend them all for free.

FREE access to feedback sessions

Feedback sessions are a form of commitment to yourself and your creativity. After each workshop, reinforce what you learn by talking directly with the instructor. When we meet, you'll have tons of new experiences to share.

Spark membership will feel like a complete creative transformation.

That’s how one student put it, and honestly…I don’t disagree.

Transformation is actually a fitting word for:

Discovering your inner artist. Not faking it. Actually becoming one. You’ll be able to access flow states at will, and you’ll be thinking, feeling, and SEEING the world as an artist.

Building the creative habits you’re missing…. No more second-guessing, or waiting for someone to give you permission. Even if you’re new, or busy, you’ll have the inner tools to just create, like never before.

Simply getting more joy out of life. Taking “boring” days, or fears, or just your reflection in the mirror, and turning it into healing, relaxing, energizing creations through simple tools.

Sketchbook Skool opened my eyes to a daily habit. The community of artists that it has brought together is a wellspring of creative energy that I can’t help but want to be a part of.”

Jason Heitz, Littleton, CO

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I know, first-hand, how art can change your life.

Any price tag that you put on a fulfilling, creative, happy life is a bargain.

But, just in case money is an obstacle…

Or if you don’t think this will work for you...

I’ll take all the risk so that you don’t have to. Join me for free for your first month.

In thirty days, let me know if you are falling in love with art and if you feel the pieces of your life finally slipping into the right place — and we can continue on our amazing adventure.

If not, we’ll part ways as friends, with no obligation

Join Sketchbook Skool Today

If there’s a hole in your heart that needs filling…
If you feel like you need permission to make art…
If you want a new world to open before you…
If you’re ready to stop denying your own creativity…
If you’re ready to start having fun, and experiencing life more intensely…
And enjoying ongoing creative challenges that push yourself forward, within a global, interactive, and inspiring community…
Then Join Sketchbook Skool Today!

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Danny’s Circle

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24/7 access to the course library

Curated lessons & members-only content

Access to the private SkoolYard group

Weekly, interactive member events

Creative goal setting framework

1-1 coaching with Danny

Discount on live workshops





“Sketchbook Skool is not intimidating for shy drawers. The instructors deliver quality, generous lessons and personal insights that inspire me when I need it most. It’s a place where I can work to improve technically and feel I belong.” — Kathleen Kline,Vancouver, Canada

“I didn’t think I could ever draw. But after taking a beginner course at Sketchbook Skool, I was proven wrong: I could draw! And it was tons of fun. Two years and several courses later, my drawing is (almost) a daily habit” — Kym Silvasy-Neale, Melbourne, FL
“Unlike local art classes, Sketchbook Skool has really helped to drive me forwards in my creative endeavors. Each subsequent class seems to have had a multiplier effect on what I’ve already done! I am now contemplating making life and lifestyle changes so that ‘art’ becomes my main occupation.”John Sutherland, Inverness, UK

  “The best part of SketchBook Skool is the philosophy behind its courses. SBS doesn’t subscribe to a particular way to do anything, but encourages us to honor and bring out our unique styles. Courses are not paint-by-numbers. Different artists show how they do their work, leaving you to pick, choose, and alter what works for you.”Mindy Pines
“After years of doing very little to feed the creative side of my life, I discovered Sketchbook Skool. It was (and still is) exactly what I needed to get excited about drawing, painting, and thinking creatively again. Not a day goes by that I’m not connected to SBS in some way. It has added a spark to my life like nothing else could.”Debbie Shealy, Bucyrus,OH

“I found myself increasingly wanting to make art but didn’t know where to begin after a gap of over 35 years. I’d just started drawing again so I decided to take a course and jumped in with Be an iPad Artist. I’m now also doing Mixed Media Journaling. I love both and feel at 59 that I’m on a new adventure, all thanks to SBS!”Marion
“In my late 50s, I discovered I COULD draw, in spite of negative comments from a junior high art teacher.  And I found out I wasn’t alone in that…sadly, many had the same story.  Now I try to respond to all those friends who say “I can’t do art, I don’t have ‘talent’ like you do” with “Oh, Yes, You Can!”Trudi

  “Sketchbook Skool helped me get over my fear of being judged. It helped me take a deep breath and just do it.”Susan Macleod, Hallifax, Canada

  “Sketchbook Skool was a revelation. The variety of materials and approaches showed me that there is no one way to make art –it’s about finding what works for me. I’ve taken ideas from each instructor and gained skill and confidence with every assignment. And I’m part of a wonderful community.”Corrine McNamara, Pasadena, CA

“I’ve tried sketching so many times but became impatient and unhappy with my end result. SketchBook Skool gave me great tools and more importantly, great advice.”Jacqueline Meyers, Toronto, Canada
“I am a busy professional. I love sketching because it gives me a creative release. Sketchbook Skool took me from zero to where I now dare call myself an artist. I’ve tried other courses, but Sketchbook Skool is the best.”Ken Parkinson, Provo, UT