Helen Leigh-Phippard

Helen Leigh-Phippard

Brighton, UK

Helen Leigh-Phippard is a Brighton (UK) based portrait artist who started drawing with Sketchbook Skool quite a few years ago. 

She was very scared of drawing people until Vin Ganapathy persuaded her to have a go.  

She started what was supposed to be a 100 day project drawing a face a day but didn’t stop for more than 3 years. She’s now drawn over 1700 portraits and regularly draws commissions – a recent one has involved drawing the entire leadership team for a New York-based financial company.

In her day job she works as an expert patient/visiting lecturer in mental health with the NHS in England and has drawn a number of illustrations for mental health research and  #MadTwitter projects during the pandemic and has a portrait in The Yellow Book, a book of art and creative wellbeing resources distributed to psychiatric hospitals throughout the UK each year. She sees this very much as sharing her art with her mental health community, since drawing (and Sketchbook Skool) has been such an important wellbeing resource for her over the past 10 years.

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