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A Zillion Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook

Two weeks, A zillion ways
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Packed with tips, tools, demos, and inspiration, this encyclopedic kourse will show you how to turn a simple sketchbook into a beautiful work of art. Have you started to draw — but don’t know what to do next?

Join the founders and fakulty of Sketchbook Skool as they share all they’ve learned by filling hundreds of sketchbooks with beautiful art. The artists who literally wrote the book on this art form have put all they know into this amazing kourse.

Get Lifetime Access! Learn how your sketchbook can help you hone your skills, explore your family history, appreciate nature, deepen your daily experiences, tell stories, exercise your imagination, meditate — and so much more.


  • Dozens of sketchbook themes to deepen your art
  • Zillions of inspirational examples
  • Ideas, demonstrations, and tips.
  • Recommendations on which materials to use and how
  • Ink, pen, pencils, paper, watercolor, gouache, collage and much much more.
  • Advice on how to start and keep a drawing habit
  • Troubleshooting tips to get you unblocked

Whether you’ve just started to draw or have been sketchbooking for years, A Zillion Ways to Fill your Sketchbook will be an invaluable resource you’ll come back to again and again. Enroll now to get lifetime access to dozens of high-quality videos and a zillion downloadable resources.


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