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Urban Sketching: People, places & things

Five Weeks, Five Teachers
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In this Kourse:

How to create detailed, in-depth drawings
Draw and paint street scenes.
Keep a travel journal and sketch while sightseeing

Would you like to sit down, open your sketchbook, and be able to draw everything around you, wherever you are?

Record interesting places in your neighborhood, the amazing things you see on vacation that photos just can’t capture? To sketch buildings and street scenes so they look vibrant and alive? And to join a global creative movement of warm, supportive friends to sketch with?

You’ll learn all that and more in Urban Sketching.

Urban Sketching—drawing on location—is one of the most popular forms of drawing in the world. And Sketchbook Skool has the rock stars of Urban Sketching on our fakulty.

By popular demand, we’ve taken our best Urban Sketching klasses and put them together to create this one-of-a-kind, five-week workshop. In over 55 video lessons — filmed on location on three continents — you’ll learn how to:

  • Draw street scenes, buildings, cars, and people
  • Keep a travel journal and sketch while sightseeing
  • Do loose, on-the-spot sketches
  • Break down complex subjects to create detailed, in-depth drawings
  • Pick the right art supplies
  • Translate the feel of a place and develop your own style

You’ll also get:

  • The inside tips Urban Sketching pros use
  • Weekly gifts from your teachers to inspire your Urban Sketching journey

And much more!

Learn how to draw wherever you are and fill your sketchbooks with beautiful art. Explore your world. Draw your stories. Join us for Urban Sketching!


Kourse price is $99 USD plus VAT tax where applicable

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