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That Looks Really Real

Four Weeks, Four Teachers
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Would you like to draw more realistically? We’ll show you how.

That Looks Really Real is taught by a group of artists who fill their sketchbooks with life-like drawings every day. They love to draw people, food, cars, buildings, still lifes, and more. They’ll show you that we can all learn to draw what we see!

Each week a different artist will teach you through demonstration and examples. They’ll show you how they observe subjects and break them down to capture volume, proportion, lighting, and texture to help improve your own ability to draw realistically.

You’ll learn principles, techniques, tips and tricks — but this isn’t a dry, academic and theoretical klass. At Sketchbook Skool, we believe realism still has plenty of room for fun and flair.

Wish your drawings looked a bit more… real? Join us for this fun class on realism and watch your drawing improve dramatically in just four weeks.

Topics include:

  • Cross-hatching to capture light and shadows
  • Drawing everyday objects
  • Watercolor techniques for capturing depth, volume, and weight
  • How to draw larger objects
  • Rendering complex landscapes
  • Photorealistic style
  • Urban sketching
  • How to get accurate outlines
  • Proportions and perspective
  • Lighting and shadows
  • Capturing textures.

And more!

Some supplies used:

  • Pen & Ink
  • Dry Pencils & Watercolor Pencils
  • Watercolor paint & brushes
  • Pastels
  • Paper & Collage elements

Kourse Teachers:

  • Danny Gregory
  • Felix Scheinberger
  • Koosje Koene
  • France Van Stone

Kourse price is $79 plus VAT where applicable

NOTE: This kourse is a remix featuring a compilation of lessons with fakulty members from the classic Sketchbook Skool kourses,Stretching, Expressing, Polishing, and Exploring.

Watch the trailer:

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