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Playing - Creative fun for all ages

Four Weeks, Two Teachers
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Learn how to play again.

Remember the creative freedom you had when you were a kid? This special 4-week workshop of online videos shows you how to play again with fun, out-of-the-box projects. Each week, Sketchbook Skool co-founders Koosje Koene and Danny Gregory will show you how to draw with a variety of pencils and pens, paintbrushes, and yes, even crayons! Whether you’re 6 years old or 100, whether you make stuff all the time or you’re feeling blocked, this workshop will set your creativity free.

In 4 weeks’ worth of videos and lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Using abstract shapes to create new drawings
  • Drawing distortions
  • Themes and variations
  • Making expressive masks
  • Collaborative drawing
  • Stamp making

and much more!

Materials used in this kourse: pencils, pens, color pencils, crayons, markers, watercolors, gouache (though you don’t need all these materials to take this kourse)


Kourse price is $99 USD plus VAT tax where applicable

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