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People Drawing People - Learn to draw anyone

Five Weeks, Seven Teachers
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In this Kourse:

Dozens of step-by-step demonstrations
Learn to capture people in motion
Draw anyone — in any pose

Learn to draw people and portraits. Seven artists show you how.

We all want to draw people. There’s no subject more fascinating — or more challenging. And there are so many ways to draw people. Learn them all! This 5-week kourse will teach you to draw anyone with confidence and skill.

Each week, we’ll cover a different aspect of drawing people and compare the different approaches of seven different artists working in different media. In dozens of narrated, step-by-step demos, we’ll study the basics of proportion, how to capture a likeness, how to draw a quick portrait or get really in-depth, adding tone and volume, how to deal with challenging angles and foreshortening, how to draw people in action, and much more. We’ll provide in-depth analysis of different approaches to help you get the most from watching these inspiring professionals. And we’ll have conversations with each artist to learn how they work and share useful tips and fascinating insights.

No matter your skill level, in five fun weeks, you’ll know how to confidently draw anyone, doing anything — in public, in life-drawing class, or portraits of your friends.

Never boring or technical, always fascinating and fun, People Drawing People will revolutionize the way you see and draw.

Topics covered:

  • Basics of figure drawing
  • People in motion
  • Foreshortening and distortion
  • Portraits
  • Self-portraits

Each week you’ll get:

  • Multiple step-by-step demonstrations
  • In-depth analysis
  • Inspiring interviews
  • Tips and techniques
  • Assignments

Materials used in this kourse include: pen, marker, technical pen, pencil, watercolor, iPad

For all skill levels

Work at your own pace

Lifetime access

46 high quality videos and other materials too


Kourse price is $149 USD (or 4 monthly payments of $37) plus VAT tax where applicable

Watch the trailer:

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