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Illustration Nation: The creative project kourse

Four weeks, Ten artists, One in-depth project
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Would you like to illustrate a book? Design your own fabric? Create and sell posters, cards, mugs, or t-shirts? You can — and we’re going to show you how.

Get Lifetime Access! Over four fun-filled weeks, Penelope Dullaghan and nine other top illustrators will help you focus on a single creative project and complete it step-by-step. They’ll reveal the details of how they work — how they conceive, refine, and execute their projects. They’ll share their trade secrets, their tools, and their results — inspiring you to make art like never before.

Each week you’ll watch hours of videos including detailed interviews as these artists share their studios and their techniques. You’ll get demos, inspiration, tips, and step-by-step instructions to help you polish your work and work like professionals do.

Our goal for this kourse is to help you spend four weeks focussed on creating a single creative project. To guide you we’ll show you how 10 professional illustrators approach their own projects, from beginning to end. Different artists, different approaches, discussing how they come up with ideas, interact with clients, use materials and digital tools, how they incorporate technical concerns in the manufacturing process and lots more.

It’s more than talk. Kourse teacher Penelope Dullaghan will bring you along as she works on her own project, sharing a video diary of the whole process. She shares her method for coming up with ideas, research, making thumbnails, mood boards, palettes, stencils, paintings, drawings, a studio visit to a calligrapher, then how she uses her computer to polish the final piece. This takes “demos” to a new level.

The point of this kourse is to help you to take a vague notion and step-by-step figure out how to make it into a polished piece. As is always the case at Sketchbook Skool, we don’t tell you exactly how to make your own piece — that’s your job. But we give you lots of advice and share loads of tips so you can feel confident and motivated. We break down the process into a four-week journey (which you are welcome to expand to however long it takes to complete your piece). And the support and feedback of the rest of illustration Nation, all the students and makers in the discussion areas, will also help guide you to a successful conclusion.

We think this kourse will be a revelation and an ongoing resource. It has loads of content. Each week, in addition to the process steps and Penny’s own project, we are sharing full interviews with a couple of illustrators. That’s 2-3 hours of content every single week. And there will be homework assignments to help you take each step along the way as you work out your entire project. We also have a lot of resources you can tap to print your book, your mug, t-shirt, poster or fabric. It’s the most content, the most artists we’ve ever put into a kourse (and a year of production!) and there’re surprises every week.

If you have ever dreamt of illustrating a book, making posters to support a local cause, or selling products on Etsy, join Illustration Nation — in four fun-filled weeks you’ll be well on your way.

Learn how to:

  • Write and follow a creative brief
  • Create dozens of fresh ideas
  • Make thumbnail concepts
  • Respond to creative input
  • Develop mood boards and color palettes
  • Compose layouts
  • Combine analog and digital techniques
  • Create in ink, pencil, gouache, marker, watercolor, printmaking, etc.
  • Work with typography and calligraphy
  • Create rough sketches
  • Refine final pieces
  • Follow production specs And much, much more

Featuring 10 top illustrators:

  • Penelope Dullaghan
  • Andrea d’Aquino
  • Marloes de Vries
  • Meg Hunt
  • Jennifer Orkin Lewis
  • Marc Martin
  • Amy Schimler-Safford
  • Jonathan Twingley
  • Phoebe Wahl
  • Sarah Walsh

Join Illustration Nation and learn to create like a pro!


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