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How Art Can Make You Happy

One Week. Art Appreciation made fun!
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You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy art.

Do museums exhaust you? Do galleries intimidate you? Do conversations about art leave you tongue tied? Do you need a PhD in art history just to get it?

In this fun, energetic kourse, best-selling author, artist, and art book editor Bridget Watson Payne turns your anxiety and confusion into happiness. You’ll learn everything you need to know to fall in love with art (or explain why you think it’s weird). Bridget shows you how experiencing art, from paintings to dance to literature, makes us feel emotionally and even physically better.

This is no dry continuing ed art history course; it’s like enjoying a museum date with a funny, savvy friend.

In 15 exciting online video lessons, you’ll learn:

  • How art improves your mood and makes you feel emotionally, even physically better
  • How to discover and articulate your own taste
  • Why you like some art and not others
  • How to discuss art without feeling foolish or elitist
  • How to refresh your love of art — even if you’re already an art fan
  • How to find art no matter where you live
  • How to visit galleries without intimidation
  • How to get the most out of a museum visit
  • How to remember artists’ names and styles
  • How to get more out of a coffee table art book and much, much more!

If art intimidates, confuses, or bores you, if you can’t grind through an art history degree, if you’d just like to be happier, —this kourse is for you.


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