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Fun & Funny

Four Weeks, Four Teachers
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Get ready to get serious about having fun!

In this 4-week kourse, we’ll expand our imaginations, loosen up our creative muscles, and discover how play can knock down the blocks and obstacles that are holding us back. These amazing teachers will share how they generate creative ideas, show us different tools and tips, and guide us through some really fun mediums.

Step into new artistic realms with us as we explore comics, murals, visual storytelling, illustration influenced by theatre design, and more.

Topics Include:

  • Taking creative risks
  • Comics from life
  • Digitizing your drawings
  • Turning drawings into other objects
  • Drawing at concerts
  • Murals

And much more!

Some supplies used:

  • Pens, markers, and ink
  • Spray paint
  • Found objects
  • Paper
  • Digital elements

Kourse Teachers:

  • Nelleke Verhoeff
  • Danny Gregory
  • Sabine Wisman
  • Brian Butler

NOTE: This kourse is a remix kourse that features content from Expressing, Exploring, and Polishing.

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