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Find Your Style

Four Weeks, Four Teachers
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Learn how your unique experiences and point of view can create your own special voice.

An artist’s style is his/her signature. But where does style come from? How can you develop your own?

This kourse is designed to give you hands-on experience as you dive deep into the minds of four wonderful artists.

You’ll hear their personal stories and learn how their journeys led them to specific line qualities, media choices and subject matter. By understanding their stories, you’ll discover your own.

Spend a month with these funny, entertaining, wise, moving, and inspiring artists and feel more confident and authentic with every line you draw.

Maybe you are just beginning to make art but have a yearning to express how you see the world. Perhaps you have been drawing for years but despite all your technical skills just can’t achieve authenticity. No matter your skill level, this kourse will help you to Find Your Style.

Topics include:

  • Finding your style
  • Being your (artistic) self
  • Drawing with pen & ink
  • Conceptual approaches to drawing
  • Graphic approaches to drawing
  • Personalizing reality
  • Drawing a memory
  • Creating unique worlds
  • And so much more!

Some supplies used:

  • Fountain pens
  • Carbon pens
  • Various wet mediums
  • Ink pads & Brayers
  • Kneaded Erasers
  • Xacto Blades
  • Scrap paper & recycled objects

Kourse Teachers:

  • Mattias Adolfsson
  • Fabio Consoli
  • Jill Weber
  • Jonathan Twingley

This kourse is a remix kourse, geared towards new Sketchbook Skool students. It contains content from previous kourses: Expressing, Polishing, and Stretching.

Watch the trailer:

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