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Creative Lettering - Modern calligraphy for all

30 Days (Daily), with Andrea Joseph
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A workshop on the art of drawing letters.

In this 4-week workshop of daily videos, you’ll learn how beautiful lettering can enhance your sketches, express how you feel, and turn your favorite quote into a work of art. British illustrator Andrea Joseph teaches you how to draw letters you’ll love. Every day for four wonderful weeks, Andrea will share techniques and her own sketchbooks to show you how to transform words into works of art. She’ll teach you how to use a variety of tools to create your own stylish writing. And each week, she’ll take you on field trips around her neighborhood in England that reveal how artistic inspiration is all around us. By the end of this course, your hand-lettering will be a work of art!

You’ll get a month’s worth of videos and lessons on:

  • Different styles of lettering, and creating your own
  • Inspiration through different fonts and type styles
  • Turning your handwriting into art that enhances your drawings
  • Embellishing letters and words
  • Design and color for bold expression
  • Inspiring field trips

and much more!

Materials used in this kourse: pencils, pens, a variety of markers, calligraphy pens, color pencils (though you don’t need all these materials to take this kourse)


Kourse price is $99 USD plus VAT tax where applicable

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