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Colored Pencils

Four weeks, Four teachers
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In this Kourse:

Dozens of step-by-step demonstrations; from photorealistic drawing to illustration
Learn to blend vivid colors and subtle gradations
Get magical effects with water-soluble pencils

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids and coloring books. They’re a powerful medium for sophisticated, expressive art making — once you know how to use them.

In this in-depth kourse, we’ll explore techniques for mixing colors, creating light and volume, photo-realism, and capturing skin tone. We’ll study blending, solvents, surfaces, hatching, color theory, even ways to hold a pencil and how to keep it sharp.

This kourse is packed (37 demos!) full of revelations and tips from four experienced, professional artists who will transform how you see and draw.

This kourse starts June 17

Enroll now and let’s sharpen your skills — and your colored pencils!

37 demos covering:

• Photo-realistic effects

• Color theory

• Light and shadow

• Watercolor pencils

• Blending sticks

• Cross-hatching

• Wax blending

• Sharpening

• Solvents

• Building layers

• Mixed media

• Adding depth

• Portraits

• Still life

• Urban sketching

• Book illustration

Kourse price is $99 USD plus VAT charges where applicable

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