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Be an iPad Artist

Four weeks, with Danny Gregory
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In this Kourse:

Dozens of clear, step-by step demonstrations
High-quality videos that are fun and easy to follow
Detailed case studies to inform and inspire you
Learn to use layers, masks, and every tool and feature of Procreate
Designed to teach all skill levels
Learn to make digital collage, calligraphy and so much more

If you have an iPad but just don’t know what to do with it, this kourse is for you. If you’ve played with digital drawing tools but got overwhelmed by options, get ready for fun, clarity and creative freedom.

Danny Gregory spent two years exploring and experimenting with Procreate on the iPad, learning to master every feature to express his unique vision. He did hundreds of experiments. Developed dozens of techniques. Curated textures and colors from the real world and brought them into his digital workshop to create beautiful, witty, amazing art.

“This kourse super-sized my knowledge and blew my mind at the same time! I’d watched a lot of free videos on Procreate … and I knew about 1% of what Danny shared!” — Aleesha S.

In dozens of demos, step-by-step case studies, and inspiring video essays, Danny will show you how to turn your iPad into a rich, personal sketchbook to accompany (or maybe replace!) your traditional media.

This is no ordinary software tutorial. It’s an inspiring and entertaining month-long journey of discovery with an artist whose work has been published and celebrated around the world. Perfect for new users and frustrated pros. Let’s turn your iPad into your sketchbook and upgrade your creativity to the next level.

“The klass ignited my imagination! If you have any interest in creating art digitally, this is an excellent (and FUN) introduction to the top iPad app available today. Highly recommended with no reservations.” — Andrea R.

You will:

  • Learn to master Procreate—the most powerful drawing app for the iPad
  • Really understand every tool and feature with step-by-step explanations
  • Build your own palettes and brushes
  • Master layers and masks
  • Combine analog and digital media
  • Discover the power of working in color and shape
  • Make lines and marks that express your style
  • Import and layer textures
  • Discover digital collage and photo manipulation
  • Color your drawings on paper—the right way
  • Paint photo-realistically
  • Make digital art that doesn’t look digital

“Did you find that you fiddled with the iPad a bit and then couldn’t make any progress? This course will get you past that and producing pieces you love!” — Bruce M.

You’ll get:

  • Dozens of brand-new techniques
  • Fresh exercises to inspire your own creativity
  • 68 high-quality videos
  • Hours of instruction and demonstration
  • Weekly live webinars to answer your questions
  • A supportive community of artists just like you

Materials used in this kourse: Since Danny will be teaching the kourse with an Apple pencil, iPad, and Procreate (in the iOS App Store), we recommend those tools so you can follow along as closely as possible. However, feel free to experiment with other materials or software if you wish—and remember, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your experience. Happy creating!


Kourse SALE price is $99 plus VAT charges where applicable.

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