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Art Supply Smorgasbord

Five Weeks, Five Teachers
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In this Kourse:

Use mixed media
Learn new ways to use old tools
See art supplies in action

Do you love shopping in the art supply store but aren’t sure how to use all those goodies? Drag them out, dust them off, and get ready to play!

We’ll spend each of the next five weeks with a different artist and learn how they use all sorts of media in expressive, personal ways. We’ll get step by step instructions on how to use everything from calligraphy pens to washi tape, and gouache to lino cuts. You’ll even learn to make some new tools of your own!

Let’s turn our hoards of art materials into art projects, big and small, inspired by a wonderful team of teachers from around the world. We’ll learn by taking a peek into their inventive processes through demonstrations, tips and examples. This journey is sure to spark new ideas for you every week, inspire new uses for what you have on hand, and encourage you to develop new creative habits too!

Topics include:

  • Lettering and fonts
  • Adding text to drawings
  • Image transfer
  • Expressive line
  • Blind contour techniques
  • Adding depth to your drawings
  • Uncommon tools and found objects
  • Ink and other wet mediums
  • Collage
  • Mixed media
  • Visual journaling
  • Working digitally with color
  • Creative habits
  • And more!

Kourse Teachers:

  • Koosje Koene
  • Penny Dullaghan
  • Felix Scheinberger
  • Juliana Coles
  • Michael Nobbs

Kourse price is $99 plus VAT where applicable

NOTE: This kourse is a remix featuring a compilation of lessons with fakulty members from the classic Sketchbook Skool kourses, Expressing, Polishing, and Exploring.

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