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A Drawing A Day: the fun, creative habit

A Drawing A Day: the fun, creative habit

Four Weeks, with Veronica Lawlor
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Want to draw more? Need fresh inspiration? This kourse is for you.

Drawing is a pleasure that should be enjoyed every day, and drawing every day improves your skills fast. But it can be hard to find the time, or to find something to draw. In this workshop, you’ll get a fun, colorful video lesson each weekday for a month. Illustrator, author and art instructor Veronica Lawlor will demystify and simplify sketching techniques with a new focus each week. At the end of the week, she’ll take you on a special video field trip around New York to show you how to put the lessons into your own sketchbook.

Topics in four weeks’ worth of videos and lessons include:

  • Line and contour drawing
  • Creating textures through abstract marks
  • How to draw people
  • Color mixing
  • Putting emotion into hand lettering
  • Four video field trips with artists around New York City
  • Access to a special A Drawing A Day group
  • Daily drawing prompts that continue after the workshop

And much more!

Materials used in this kourse: pencils, pens, markers, crayons (though you don’t need all these materials to take this kourse)


Kourse price is $99 USD plus VAT charges where applicable

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