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Online art classes designed to get you creating. They’re fun, they’re different, and they’re made to fit your life.

Our kourses go way beyond typical art instruction classes. You’ll hang out with the teachers, hear their experiences, learn about their tools, see how they work, and share their personal sketchbooks. With beautiful, high-quality videos filmed right in the teacher’s studio, you’ll be inspired, instructed, and entertained.

Learn when and where you want. We have lots of kourses you can start right now to work on at your own pace — binge or savor them, it’s up to you. You’ll be surrounded by lots of other students to support and encourage you. Join live webinars where you can ask questions of the teachers and founders of Sketchbook Skool. And with life-time access, you’ll keep learning from these kourses for years to come.

Not sure where to start? Try How to Draw Without Talent or Beginning

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Multiple Teacher

Learn through variety. Get ready for a creative smorgasbord! Each week, you’ll hang out with a different teacher — get five fresh servings of inspiration. Visit their studios. Share their wisdom and their sketchbooks. Discover tips, tools and techniques. Watch in-depth demos. And come away with new ideas, new perspectives, and a passion to create.


Learn the basics and start to develop your creative habit with these introductory kourses. A great place to start at Sketchbook Skool — whether you’re a total beginner or a creative pro looking for a fun way to kickstart your sketchbook.


Let’s learn by making! Work with an expert artist to focus on a new skill and dive deeper into a creative project. These kourses are a little more in-depth, but still appropriate for all levels. From one week up to four, we’re going to apply our drawing and painting skills and have fun making some awesome new art.

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