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Jersey City, NJ

Nathalie Kalbach

Nathalie Kalbach is a self-taught mixed media artist, born in Germany and now living in Jersey City, NJ. Nathalie’s early love of paint was squelched by an art teacher who told her she had no talent. She worked as a paralegal for seventeen years and might have remained in the wrong profession had she not discovered mixed media painting in 2004.

Nathalie’s projects have been published in several art, craft and hobby magazines as well as mixed media books. Since 2006, Nathalie has taught workshops all over the world, and enjoys sharing what she knows about tools, supplies and techniques, with the goal of helping each student unlock his/her personal creativity. In 2017, Nathalie also released a book called Artful Adventures in Mixed Media – Art and Techniques inspired by Observation & Experience with North Light Books.

You can read more about her book and workshops, and see lots of her art on her website.

Nathalie Kalbach and some of Nathalie's art:

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