Draw It Like It’s Hot

21/06/2017 01:01

Learn How to Draw Deliciously!

We’re big fans of food here at Sketchbook Skool. We love drawing it almost as much as we love eating it! Each meal gives us a chance to draw something delicious. But drawing food can be tricky; how do you capture the sheen on an egg, the texture of bread, or make a plate of spaghetti looking yummy rather than runny? Great news: You can learn all of this and more with [***Draw It Like It’s Hot***](/kourses/draw-it-like-its-hot), our delicious 4-week food illustration kourse. And it’s on sale this week for 20 percent off!

Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene knows the recipes for great food illustration, and she shares them with you in a month’s worth of fun, informative lessons, Koosje will show you different techniques using pen, color pencils, and watercolor. You’ll learn how to draw food, add instructions, and eventually create a recipe you can submit to famous recipe website They Draw And Cook!

Sales like this don’t come along often; in fact, this is the first time we’ve ever put a kourse on sale. It’s our summertime gift to you! *Draw It Like It’s Hot* is usually $99, but this month-long workshop is only $79. And if you enroll now, you get *Sketchbook Skool Recipes,* an e-book full of illustrated recipes created by the Sketchbook Skool community.

Can’t take the klasses now? Take advantage of the discount by enrolling now and watch whenever you want—once you enroll, the klasses are yours to keep forever.

Here’s a free recipe, just like the ones you can learn to make. Don’t let this discount get cold; this sale is only for this week. Join us now for [***Draw It Like It’s Hot***](/kourses/draw-it-like-its-hot)!

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