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Watercolor Rules

and how to break them!

Intimidated by watercolor? Don’t be! Start by learning all the basics of watercolors, foundations you can build on for years to come. Then let’s break the rules and get creativeI

Moreover, six amazing artists will teach you to watercolor confidently and expressively and make this powerful medium your own.


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What's in this Course

Watercolor basics and advanced techniques

Painting on location, wherever you are!

Creating bright and vibrant colors

Includes opaque watercolors; gouache

Sample Lessons

What we're going to do in this class


How watercolors mix


Demo: Painting Cherries


Demo: Making it personal


Tone and Value


Watercolor and gouache


Painting greens


Demo: Finer details


Spattering Wet on Dry


Demo: intensifying Color


And 90+ more lessons

More details

  • Over 100 video lessons
  • Hours of lessons and demonstrations
  • Lifetime access
  • Sketchbook tours galore
  • Understanding materials
  • Color theory
  • Techniques
  • Mixed media
  • Location
  • Still life
  • Nature
And so much more!

The Instructors

Learn from highly skilled artist instructors from all around the world
6 Teachers. 6 Weeks. 100+ Lessons.

What people are saying about "Watercolor Rules"

“What I loved most about Watercolor Rules was the diversity of instructors, techniques, and materials. The course clearly shows that rules and creativity can share a page in you own sketchbook.”
-Tree B, Lafayette, CO

"I have been painting up a storm. This whole course has been magic."
-Jan M, Halifax, Canada 

Featured Art

Danny Gregory

Ian Sidaway

Ian Fennelly

Koosje Koene

Inma Serrano

Jennifer Orkin Lewis

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