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Urban Sketching

People, Places & Things

Wouldn’t you like to sit down, open your sketchbook, and be able to draw everything around you, wherever you are? Record interesting places in your neighborhood. Moreover, amazing things you see on vacation that photos just can’t capture. Sketch buildings and street scenes so they look vibrant and alive.

Welcome to Urban Sketching — drawing on location. One of the most popular forms of drawing in the world. And we have the rock stars of this art form teaching you in this course. You’ll love it!


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What's in this Course

How to create detailed, in-depth drawings

Draw and paint street scenes

Keep a travel journal and sketch while sightseeing

Tools and tips for drawing on location

Sample Lessons



Know Your Watercolors


Demo : Jason Das in New Orleans


Demo : Lapin in Barcelona


Capturing a Scene


Demo: Liz Steel in Sydney


Seeing patterns in complex objects


Sketching Gear


Drawing a  coffee truck with Lapin


Demo: Nina Johansson in Stockholm


Composition and Layout


And many more lessons!

More details

  • 55+ high quality lessons filmed on 3 continents
  • Draw street scenes, buildings, cars, and people
  • Keep a travel journal and sketch while sightseeing
  • How to create detailed, in-depth drawings
  • Do loose, on-the-spot sketches
  • Break down complex subjects to create detailed, in-depth drawings
  • Pick the right art supplies
  • Translate the feel of a place and develop your own style
  • Get inside tips Urban Sketching pros use
  • Work at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
and much more

The Instructors

Learn from highly skilled artist instructors from all around the world

5 Weeks. 5 Teachers. 55+ Lessons.

What people are saying about "Urban Sketching"

“When I compare my drawings from the beginning to the end of this course I see progress, and that feels SO great!”
-Caroline M, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

“This course has really given me a boost and sense of direction in my sketchbook.”
-David Reed E, Cambridge, England

Featured Art

Jason Das

Miguel Herranz


Liz Steel

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