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Like an Artist

Seeing is the key to drawing. How does seeing affect us as artists? How can we see better?

The six artists in this course will show you how to see things around you—people, places, objects—as beautiful subjects for sketching. We’ll explore you how to get your eyes and brain to collaborate better; how we see ourselves through self-portraits; how to see and draw nature; how to see a plain ballpoint pen as a versatile tool for making beautiful art. With this course, you’ll see your world and your art in a whole new way.


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What's in this Course

Simple techniques for detailed pen drawings

Drawing and painting nature

Drawing and watercoloring still life

Pen and ink

Sample Lessons

How do Artists see


Demo: Looking at toast


Fast & Slow seeing


Seeing in the Mirror


Demo: Selfies from a photo


Demo: Continual Line Contour


Demo: Seeing and Sketching birds


Nature Journaling


Demo: One color pen drawing


Demo: Drawing a Teacup and a building


And many more lessons!

More details

  • Drawing self portraits in a variety of different styles
  • Watercoloring nature and animals
  • How to sketch complicated subjects
  • Urban sketching/drawing on location
  • Still lifes in ink and watercolor
  • Create in-depth, amazing drawings with ballpoint pens
  • Lifetime access
and much more

The Instructors

Learn from highly skilled artist instructors from all around the world
6 Weeks. 6 Teachers. 90+ Lessons.

What people are saying about "Seeing"

“I feel as if I can draw anything now instead of looking at something and thinking "That's too hard". Loved the course and found it invaluable!”
-Jennifer H, New South Whales, Australia 

“This course really has set me back on my art path, building on my sketching habit - and I haven't missed a day sketching since the course started!”
-Elin A, Malmoe, Sweden

Featured Art

Koosje Koene

Cathy Johnson

Andrea Joseph

Danny Gregory

Brenda Swenson

Liz Steel

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