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Mixed Media Journaling

Unlock your creativity

A powerful and joyful way to express yourself through art-making! Our top instructors will give you a glimpse into their studios and creative processes. Be ready to get inspired by tips and tricks that will kickstart your habit.


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What's in this Course

Put your art supplies to new uses

Learn from 4 artists in their studios

Learn dozens of new tips and techniques

Make your own stamps and stencils

Sample Lessons



Got Talent?


What is Mixed Media?


Picking materials


Demo: Building layers


Demo: Making it personal


Using household items


Hot glue stencils


Demo: Carving stamps


Finding your style


Art Journaling and healing


And 60+ more lessons​

More details

  • Learn dozens of techniques and tools
  • Experiment with paint, pencils, ink, markers, stencils, stamps, and so much more
  • Create texture through layering and add depth to your journal pages
  • Relieve stress, explore emotions and get insights
  • Perfect for all levels of creativity and skill
  • Seriously fun!
  • No drawing required

The Instructors

Learn from highly skilled artist instructors from all around the world
4 Teachers. 4 Weeks. 75+ Lessons.

What people are saying about "Mixed Media Journaling"

“Loving this course! I enjoy mixed media but I was stagnating with familiar techniques. Now I'm feeling all excited and zesty! :)”
-Kimberly B

"The whole course has been so life affirming. When you start a page you just have no idea where you are going to end up.  I found that aspect very liberating and exciting."
-Mary M, London, England

Featured Art

Kecia Deveney

Seth Apter

Nathalie Kalbach

Mary Beth Shaw

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