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How to Draw Without Talent

Our best-selling course.

Can’t draw a straight line? This special 1-week workshop was created just for you. In 26 fun video lessons, you’ll learn the foundational techniques to draw anything, and draw it well.

Danny Gregory has taught thousands of people to overcome the "talent myth" and start drawing. "Learning to draw is like learning to drive a car," says Danny.  So, "you just need a few basics and a bit of practice." He makes the learning clear and the practice simple.


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What's in this Course

Learn the basic building blocks of drawing

How to draw anything

26 beautiful video lessons

Fun step by step exercises

Sample Lessons

Got Talent


The ABCs of Drawing


How to See


Landmarks and Contour


Drawing Dogs




Negative Space


And 20 more lessons

More details

  • 26 beautiful video lessons
  • Fun assignments you can download
  • Learn to draw animals, objects, landscapes, people... anything!
  • Understand the basic building blocks of drawing
  • Lifetime access
  • Really, truly learn to draw!
And much more!

The Instructors

Learn from best-selling author from all around the world
1 Teacher. 1 Week. 26 Lessons.

What people are saying about "How To Draw Without Talent"

“This helped with confidence so much. I just want to draw draw draw!”
-Ali G, Brockenhurst, United Kingdom

“I've tried sketching so many times but became impatient and unhappy with my end result.  This course gave me great tools and more importantly, great advice."
-Jacqueline M, Toronto, Canada

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Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory

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