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Colored Pencils

Sharpen Your Skills

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids and coloring books. They’re a powerful medium for sophisticated, expressive art making — once you know how to use them. Four professionals will teach you techniques for mixing colors, creating light and volume, photo-realism, and capturing skin tone. We’ll explore blending, solvents, surfaces, hatching, color theory, even ways to hold a pencil and keep it sharp. Packed (37 demos!) full of insights and tips.


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What's in this Course

Dozens of step-by-step demonstrations; from photorealistic drawing to illustration

Learn to blend vivid colors and subtle gradations

Get magical effects with water-soluble pencils

Create bright and bold colors

Sample Lessons

Meet Our Instructors


Getting to know your Pencils


Color Theory


Layering, Blending, and Burnishing




Mixing Colors


Using a Blending Stick


Drawing Realistically


Creating a Sense of Depth


Making Color Decisions and Taking Risks


And 60 more lessons!

More details

  • 37 step-by-step demonstrations
  • Photorealism to whimsical illustration
  • Learn to blend vivid colors and subtle gradations
  • Light and shadow
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Skin tones
  • Solvents
  • Building layers
  • Mixed media
  • Portraits
  • Still life
  • Urban sketching
  • Book illustration
and much more

The Instructors

Learn from highly skilled artist instructors from all around the world
4 Artists. 4 Weeks. 37 Demos.

What people are saying "Colored Pencils"

“I had no experience with colored pencils and now I feel childish joy exploring the materials, longing for discovering all the possibilities in this course. It really is great fun.”
-Irah F, Bergen, Netherlands

“This course gave me some coloured pencil revelations! I never knew that I'd love them so much. I had no idea that they would become one of my favorite mediums!”
-Aleesha S, Chiangmai, Thailand

Featured Art

Andrea Joseph

Koosje Koene

Katya Tikhova


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