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Art Bootcamp 
Let's get ready to make art!

A perfect course for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills, Bootcamp will give you the foundational techniques to draw and watercolor — skills you’ll build on for the rest of your life.

Therefore, choose our 2-week drawing program, where you’ll learn to draw anything, or jump right into the full 6-week Bootcamp where you’ll learn shading, color theory, watercolors and more. By the end of this 6-week Bootcamp, you’ll amaze yourself with full-blown art pieces that put all your new skills to work. Moreover, bootcamp contains the best introductory lessons from our library filmed on location around the world and lots of brand-new content.


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2-week bootcamp


6-week bootcamp


What's in this Course

Dozens of step by step demonstrations

Learn all you need to draw anything!

Packed with tips, recommendations and exercises

Inspiration and advice from top illustrators and authors

Learn color theory and watercolor

Eleven fun, inspiring instructors

Make rich, beautiful art

Filmed on location in artists' studios

Sample Lessons

Blind Contour with Felix


How to Shop for Art Supplies


Contour Drawing


Lettering Basics


How to Use Negative Space


Studying light and contour


Limited Palette


Watercolor glazing


How to Win at Art


And 50+ more lessons!

More details

  • Step-by-step demos
  • Fun, engaging lessons filmed around the world
  • Motivational talks and tips
  • Drawing fundamentals
  • Versatile watercolor techniques
  • Combining pencil, pen, and watercolor
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • For all levels, beginner friendly
  • Work at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
and much more

The Instructors

What people are saying about "Art Bootcamp"

"Sketchbook Skool changed my life. The classes are full of excellent demonstrations and information, the teachers are inspiring, and I have improved my skills along with my confidence. But the COMMUNITY is powerful magic! I am making more – and better – art, and my world has grown several sizes larger." 

- Ellen G, Atlanta, GA

"I have joined many art groups, signed up for YouTube channels, and paid for subscriptions here and there. But the strength, understanding, and support from the Sketchbook Skool community is incomparable to anywhere else. Thank you!"

- Marta K, Leysin, Switzerland

Featured Art

Tommy Kane

Koosje Koene

Ohn Mar Win

Prashant Miranda

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