Dip into Dip Pens

Live on Saturday, June 12, 9am PT

Doors close Friday, June 11, 5:00pm PT

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Dip into Dip Pens



Make organic, expressive art with dip pen drawing and hand lettering techniques.

Although they’ve been around for 1,000+ years, dip pens are one of the most useful tools in an artist’s supply cabinet. From hair lines to thick, broad lines, dip pens give you complete control and you’ll learn how to make amazing art with a simple tool.

Your instructor Danny Gregory has explored many mediums over the years, but always comes back to the control and organic nature of dip pen drawing and writing. And now he’s going to teach you his best techniques.

Gain the basics of dip pen drawing and lettering so you can craft your own style. In this workshop, you’ll learn gain and understanding for materials and how to control the lines you create with your dip pen.

Working from reference photos, you’ll create a complete drawing, a rough sketch, your own style of the alphabet, and a lettered quote.

What’s Included

  • Live Event: June 12, 9am-12:00pm PT. Demos, live discussion, and Q&A. 3 hours.
  • Advance Demos: Get instant access to supply and prep demos so you’re ready to join live. Videos will appear in your course library immediate after purchase.
  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the recorded workshop and demos for years to come!

  • John T, Ypsilanti, MI

    “Workshops have pushed me forward in such positive ways and brought color and life to my drawing practice. The community is so positive and global, always exciting!”

    Molly E, Athens, GA

    “I’ve learned so much from workshops! First is to have faith in myself, second is to free my thoughts, third is contour, contour, contour, and the fourth (and probably most important) is to have fun while making art.”

    Diane G, Eugene OR

    “Every instructor is unique and deeply talented, and I always come away with so much new knowledge.”



    Topics included

    quarter century

    Controlling your dip pen


    Making expressive lines

    yellow man

    Creating tone and value


    Drawing expressive letters

    dog yawn pen

    Understanding your materials

    Instructor Art

    About the Instructor

    Danny Gregory

    Danny is an author and founder of Sketchbook Skool. He taught himself to draw in his mid-thirties, after a tragic accident changed his life. Drawing brought him peace and joy and a new perspective on life. His bestselling books have inspired tens of thousands of new artists around the world to join him in a new creative habit.

    Dip into Dip Pens with Danny Gregory
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