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Draw Tip Tuesday: Your Sketchbook Adventures!


What did you do today? What do you want to do? In this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene shows you how to create an illustrated sketchbook diary entry of your daily adventures.

What if your day isn’t very, well, adventure-filled? That’s just as much reason to draw what you’ve done today. Drawing makes everything feel more special. And if it doesn’t do that, at least drawing itself is fun!

Another thing that’s great about Sketchbook Adventures is that they give you a chance to do something that’s meant to be imperfect. Most of the time we start drawing, we have that moment before the pen touches the page of thinking I hope this turns out great! With Sketchbook Adventures, you know from the start that things can be messy and imprecise and fun. Test out pens, try different handwriting and drawing styles… These pages are a playground.

Sketching Your Daily Adventures

This quick video will give you all sorts of ideas and inspiration on the kind of daily adventures you can draw in your sketchbook. Start now, with one little corner, and see where your adventures take you!

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