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It’s Yes You May Month!


This month, give yourself permission to say yes. May is Yes You May Month at Sketchbook Skool!

We make these lists of things we want to do: lists of goals, lists of trips we want to take some day, bucket lists—things to do while we still can. Why do we have to wait? Why put off these goals? What are we waiting for?

If you’re waiting for permission, for someone to tell you it’s okay to follow your dreams of being creative, then here it is: Yes You May.

Throughout the month of May, we’ll be giving you permission to be creative. To take a nice bite out of each day to play. To learn that being creative isn’t a waste of time or money. To make good on a promise you made to yourself when you were 5, or 35, or 55. To become an artist and live the artist’s life.

Say Yes to May

Whoa, you say—that sounds like a big life change. But it isn’t; you can become the artist you truly are in just a small slice of each day. Here’s how easy it is. This month, Yes You May:

  • Take five bucks and buy anything you want at the art supply store.
  • Draw a candy bar, and eat it afterward.
  • Start writing your novel.
  • Skip First Blank Page Syndrome and begin your new sketchbook on page 10.
  • Take art lessons—today. Dive right into our on-demand kourse Art Bootcamp, four weeks of daily lessons that will turn you into an artist. Think you need talent to become an artist? Try How to Draw Without Talent, our introductory kourse. (That one’s also a great “back to basics” kourse for more seasoned artists who need a creative jumpstart.)

We’ve got a whole bunch more permission slips for you—just look for the hashtag #sbsyesyoumay on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels. Can you really be more creative in just one month? Yes You May.

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