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Art Inspiration: Why You Should Draw First Thing in the Morning


When we first wake up, our brains haven’t quite kicked into Beta mode — the mode in which we get work done, worry about things or plan our day. During these early hours, the inner critical monkey voice is also asleep and we’re more open to creativity and possibility, which makes for some great sketchbook pages!

One of our Sketchbook Skool skolars, Sharon Belknap, talked about how she’s been taking advantage of the wee hours of the morning when the world sleeps to start her day off in a creative way. She wakes up and, before looking at her phone or computer, gets right to her sketchbook and makes a drawing.

If you’re interested in learning more about why you should draw first thing in the morning, Danny Gregory’s classic book, Art Before Breakfast is a great place to start. It explores the idea that art and creativity can flourish in the morning before we start our days. As you start this fresh new year, what kind of habits ensure that you are following through on creative resolutions each and every day?

—Morgan Green, Dean of Students at Sketchbook Skool

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