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Quick quiz: When it comes to art (pick one): 

a) You want to like art, think it would be a good thing to know about, you’re interested in this happiness thing, but overall you just kind of don’t get art. Or… 

b) You already love art, and in fact, you’re an artist yourself.

If you’re in the a) group, congratulations! Our new kourse, How Art Can Make You Happy, is a week’s worth of fun lessons that will not only bring you up to speed on the art world, it will help you develop your own great taste in art and open you up to a world of art joy. Nice, right? 

And if you’re a b), congratulations! How Art Can Make You Happy is going to expose you to aspects of art you haven’t thought about before. All these great influences are going to seep into your sketchbook and help flavor your style. You’re about to become a more worldly artist. Neat!  

How Art Can Make You Happy starts now, and you’re right on time to join. For just $29, you’ll get lifetime access to a week’s worth of fun online video lessons. You’ll make a bunch of new friends. And most important, you’ll get Happy!

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