How do you join a drawing challenge? Just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Find a challenge.
  2. Do it.

Regarding the first step, your search is over: Join the #SBSADrawingADay Challenge. We’re kicking off the new year with a drawing a day. Sketchbook Skool co-founders Koosje Koene and Danny Gregory even came up with a month’s worth of prompts in case you’re ever stumped by what to draw. (You can find them on our public Facebook page and this closed group for people joining the challenge.)

The second step may prompt a question: Why should you do a drawing a day? One of the answers comes from Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Liz Steel, who recently wrote about her ten-year evolution as a sketch artist and watercolor wonder. She gives the full story in this blog post, but to illustrate our point, Liz started out here:

Liz Steel's first sketch in a travel journal. Art: Liz Steel.

Liz Steel’s first sketch in a travel journal. Art: Liz Steel.

After a while, she got here:

Liz Steel's progression. Art: Liz Steel

Liz Steel’s progression. Art: Liz Steel

And after ten years, she’s here:

One of Liz Steel's most recent watercolor sketches. Art: Liz Steel

One of Liz Steel’s most recent watercolor sketches. Art: Liz Steel

That progression came one drawing at a time. Simply put, the more you do something, the better you do it. If you like drawing and want to get better at it, draw more. Draw every day.

Getting better at making art is one reason to join the #sbsadrawingaday challenge. Another is being part of a big group of great people all drawing their interpretations of “rest,” “new,” their outfits, and more of the SBS A Drawing A Day Challenge daily prompts. If you’re feeling unsure of your skills, fret not: Our new kourse, A Drawing A Day with Veronica Lawlor, teaches you the basics of line, color, shapes, and patterns, in fun and rich daily lessons over four weeks. You can learn more about the workshop here.

But the main reason to do a drawing a day, the really big one, and the only one that truly matters, is this: You know that feeling you get when you draw. The joy, the Zen calm, the satisfaction, the wonder.

You could be feeling that every day.

We’re only four days into the challenge and three days into Veronica’s workshop—it’s not too late to join. The moment you pick up your pen, you’re right on time. Join the #sbsadrawingaday challenge. There’s really only one thing you have to do, one of the things that makes you happiest. Draw.

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